Writing prompt: Software development: what trends are flourishing and what trends are fading?

I have a quick and easy writer’s prompt for Opensource.com this week.

The Enterprisers Project, one of our other community sites, is looking for some quotes from the wider community. Our responses may appear in an article on their site or perhaps we can fashion an article for Opensource.com.

What are your thoughts on this:
“Software development: what trends are flourishing and what trends are fading?”

Maybe a couple of sentences to a paragraph would be fantastic. Don’t worry about the wordsmithing, we can help with that.

The result would look something like this: 10 eureka moments of coding in the community

DM me if you have something.

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@volkswagenchick, thanks for posting! I shared this internally, so hope to get some Pantheor responses to this! Also - IDK if you already did this + I missed it, but this might be good to also share on Twitter, so folx not in Panthoen’s community but in the wider open source community can see + respond? I can also more easily share the tweet + ask other Pantheors to share as well. :smiley:

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Thanks @vee.vopham

You always remind me to use Twitter and I forget, I appreciate you!

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