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Wp Rocket - advanced-cache.php writing permissions issue


Im experiencing an issue where I’ve followed all of the documentation from: , talked to pantheon support, created the proper symlinks and had everything working great in my sandbox environment. I then purchased the basic package in order to link my domain to the newly created website and boom… now I have the following error:

I have since went back into my dev account, undid everything, deleted all of the files and folders that were generated by the plugin (wp-content/cache, wp-content/advanced-cache.php, wp-content/wp-rocket-config, wp-content/uploads/cache/allFiles, wp-content/cache/wp-rocket-config/), etc.

I then recreated the folder structures in the uploads folder, and reimplemented all fixes over again - to no avail. Pantheon support recommended I create a thread here to see if anyone else has experienced something similar. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

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Hi! Sorry you’re running into this issue. One thing I would check is if the symlink is committed to the repository, as the symlink might be showing up in dev, but not being carried over to test or live since if it’s not in git.

What specific WP Rocket features are you hoping to use? I find for most sites that we have many of the features already on the platform, and the features that aren’t there can generally be found in other plugins. For example, Autoptimize is very popular for combining JS/CSS files. (I personally would recommend a Webpack build solution, but that’s not for everyone :slight_smile:)

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Hi @madMatt!

If Doug’s answer helped you out, do you mind selecting it as the “accepted answer” so future visitors know where to start?

And if it didn’t help, let us know! We could take another look at it.


In the newer version fo WP Rocket you can control custom cache locations and do not need to have symlinks.

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One step I keep forgetting with symlinks is manually creating the directory it’s supposed to link to in each of the environments.

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