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WP CFM and managing licenses and updates across environments

While Pantheon is my hosting platform of choice, I feel it comes with some pain points that I do see them fixing. One of the few pain points I have found and have recently been trying to take on is licensing and updating premium plugins. As I started doing research, I found an awesome article on Pantheon for documentation and an update of a plugin called WP CFM.

For those yet to know of this plugin, in short, it stores wp_options from the database in the filesystem, and writes from that file to the database. Now it even integrates with Pantheons multi-environment configuration!
It’s awesome.

Among some other configuration between environments, I am using this tool to try to have all my premium plugin licenses stored for the development environment so I can pull my live database into my dev environment every once and a while, and not have to manually re-input licenses and have issues with licensing with various vendors. So far, this is working great!
I have run into once issue though. WooCommerce Extension licenses ARE stored in wp_options table, but they are in a transient. From what I have seen so far, WP CFM does not store transients (most likely because transients, by nature, expire, and you dont want to have a persistent expiring setting).
Now this is a non-issue if you have an unlimited number of sites for a license. Just activate each environment. In the cases where you have a limited number of licenses, activating can be expensive.

So my questions to the community are: how is you managing your licenses on the development environment? Do you ever sync your dev with your live database and what process do you follow after to ensure you can still get premium plugin updates? If you use WP CFM, and have WooCommerce Extensions, have you found a way to save these values?