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Work Out Loud: September 27- Oct. 1st

Better late than never, am I right? :clap:

Welcome to this week’s Work Out Loud thread! Work Out Loud is a weekly opportunity to share what we’re working on, who we’re meeting with, and what we’re doing in our free time :bike:

Welcome to our newest community members: @aida00, @simon , @chris.reynolds, @rhygin, @andrea.roenning, @esheehan, @cecily.koselcastaned, @syedmamun420, @hayden.haugen, @lily.cai, @nimil.parikh, @shannon.cordes, @jacquelyn.vansant! You’re cordially invited to participate in our Work Out Loud thread, this week and every week. :smiley: Let us know where in the world you are! :world_map:

This week, I am…
:gift: Starting to get things moving for Gift of Open Source 2021! SO EXCITED!
:memo: Finalizing the 2021 Community Survey! Y’all, this is something I get super excited about. Why? Because my job is to serve all of you. To be your sounding board! To take your feedback + suggestions back to our team to create a better user experience both in our community + on the Pantheon platform. So I am eager to see all your responses begin to roll in! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
:sneezing_face: Still recovering from COVID – if anyone has any home remedies for a super annoying cough, I am all ears!

Motivated by
By amazing team @katie.richards @JohnRichardsII @fatima.khalid + @mmlc who stepped up big last week to help support me while I took time off to recover from COVID :heart:

Your turn! Here are a few questions to get you started :point_down:

  • What are you working on this week?
  • Do you have any big wins you want to share? Anything you would like us to call out on Bolts n Bytes on Thursday morning?
  • What is motivating (or demotivating) you this week?
  • What are you learning right now?
  • Any upcoming travel plans you are super excited to share?

I nominate @zeldons @FreMun @patrice @sarahg @sparklingrobots to share! :heart:

All the tea. All. The. Tea. I had a persistent cough for months after “recovering” from COVID and the only thing that ever made it so I didn’t feel like I was hacking up a lung every 5 minutes was a constant flow of tea. Find something you like (or at least tolerate) or just put honey in hot water. I like cinnamon tea (something I acquired the taste for when I visited Sri Lanka); Pukka Three Cinnamon is good (although it feels overpriced to pay that much for something that’s literally a bag of cinnamon…) and Celestial Seasoning’s Bengal Spice is pretty good if you want something with a little more flavor and sweetness.

This week I am…
:exploding_head: Still trying to absorb all things Pantheon
:computer: Completing engineering badges
:man_student:Learning about CMS Ecosystem stuff and our tools
:weary: Feeling pretty ready to be done with onboarding and start working on something
:performing_arts: Looking forward to going to the Utah Shakespeare Festival next weekend


I’m not recovering from COVID but I am trying to shake off an annoying cough from a regular-old respiratory bug. Time to break into my tea stash! Thank’s for the tea suggestions @chris.reynolds. I’m always down to try new herbal tea. My favorite when I’m not feeling well is Twinings Support (white hibiscus, lime, and ginger). That little bit of ginger kick is so good!

This week I am…
:drupal: Polishing up the last bit of my DrupalCon presentation about building community in an intentional way to set up for growth
:100: Somewhat related to my DrupalCon talk is diving into the #100DaysofCommunity hashtag on Twitter, organized by It’s been really inspiring to read the tips, resources, and tricks that are being posted daily.
:tshirt: SWAG! SO MUCH SWAG! Planning and sending!
:bookmark_tabs: I’ve been playing with a new Chrome extension that the Bolts n Bites crew introduced me to called Toby. I’m curating a collection of linked resources to go along with my DrupalCon talk. Toby makes it SO much easier to share all the resources at once


Thank you soooo much! I actually just bought a bunch of tea the other day–there are some wild flavors in there that I am pretty stoked to try! :tea: I am actually a huge fan of cinnamon tea!! I must admit sipping it from Sri Lanka sounds a lot better than from my bed! Man, I cannot wait to travel the world again :world_map:

Overall, I am really glad to hear your onboarding has been going so well! It definitely can feel like it drags on, especially when you are eager to jump in + begin working! This may be pre-mature but are there any projects you are super excited about getting started working on?

Alsoooo yay for the Shakespeare festival! :poultry_leg: I try to attend that every year here in Arizona too :slight_smile: But I am sure it’s way prettier in Utah! Have so much fun!

Okay, since I am now on this tea kick as well — Twinings Support sounds DELISH! I may have to order some of this too now. Something tells me I may just become a tea snob now :slight_smile: And oddly enough I am okay with that! Here’s to hoping both of our coughs get better quick!

:drupal: You are going to do soooo great at your presentation! I am praying my brain operates at 1am next week, that is for sure!

In other news, I just got lost down a rabbit hole of #100DaysofCommunity tweets! SO MANY awesome ideas + best practices being shared. This has me thinking how you + I both totally need to look into some awesome community conferences to attend. I would be all over that! :heart:

I must admit sipping it from Sri Lanka sounds a lot better than from my bed!

It helps a lot if its served fresh by a tiny old man who lives on a tiny island where the cinnamon is actually harvested. Did you realize cinnamon is tree bark?! :exploding_head:

are there any projects you are super excited about getting started working on?

Right now I’m just trying to get my bearings and a sense of how everything works together. I feel like that itself is going to be a process. That said, there’s a lot of talk around these parts about building more of a “digital experience” and having recently been working on the Altis Digital Experience Platform at Human Made, I feel like I have some thoughts and ideas there once I get a better sense of the types of things we want to build/add.

yay for the Shakespeare festival! :poultry_leg: I try to attend that every year here in Arizona too

This will actually be our first year. It’s been on our to-do list for ages and we haven’t ever made the trip. I’ve been to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival a couple times, though. Looking forward to this! :smiley:

Hi Everyone,

I’m a Pantheon customer located in Madison, Wisconsin.

I hope your cough is better soon @McKennaR - Green Tea with honey is my go to. Also chocolate.

  • This week I’m teaching our WordPress Admins to use some new features including a custom announcement header plugin
  • I updated all our servers to PHP 7.4 and am wondering about when I should jump to PHP 8
  • This week I’m taking a FrontEnd Masters Intro to React course (for the 3rd time?) and am looking forward to WordCamp US on Friday
  • I’m eating all the apples picked from the orchard over the weekend
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Hi Andrea! Welcome to the community :slight_smile: Love Wisconsin, such a beautiful state! Not sure about the winters though, my Arizona blood probably wouldn’t make it!

My cough is surely getting better, thanks for asking! :heart:

WordCamp US was a blur --but sooo many awesome sessions. Hope you also enjoyed it!

That FrontEnd Masters Intro to React sounds really interesting! What have you learned so far that you’ve really enjoyed?