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Work Out Loud: March 22-26, 2021

Welcome to this week’s Work Out Loud thread! Work Out Loud is a weekly opportunity to share what we’re working on, who we’re meeting with, and what we’re doing in our free time.

Welcome to our newest community members: @ken_means, @gregg, @hendraseptianto, @nmbayu, @jessica, @muriqui, @mathew, @RBandapalle, @gfirem, @jforstot, @Frontmobe, @rsmanagement, @rmripon, @huilin, @sawevans, @sheryl220 and @JamesOnstad! You’re cordially invited to participate in our Work Out Loud thread, this week and every week. :smiley: Let us know where in the world you are, and what brings you to the Pantheon community.

This week, I am…

  • Digging into the Decoupled Menus initiative so I can support the contribution day at DrupalCon Global.
  • Working on a cool new session about sustainable web development
  • Planning Pantheon’s presence at DrupalCon

:camping: Attending & live-tweeting MidCamp!
:ddi: Working on a budget proposal for Drupal Diversity & Inclusion’s first camp!

I guess it’s camp season all of a sudden.

Motivated by:
That deadline pressure for DrupalCon! Lots and lots to do this week.

Your turn! Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • What are you working on this week?
  • What is motivating (or demotivating) you this week?
  • What are you learning?
  • Any good videos/podcasts/articles you can recommend?
  • What gives you energy at work?

I nominate @katie.richards, @CodeChefMarc, @McKennaR, @dinarcon & @volkswagenchick!


Welcome new community members, we are super excited to have you here! :heart:

This week I am…

:trophy: Working on kicking off our very FIRST annual customer awards: 2021 Pantheon Lightning Awards! This is super exciting! You can learn more about these awards and/or pre-register here.
:left_speech_bubble: This Wednesday @edwardangert will be hosting our WebOps AMA! I am really excited to learn more about this Docs guru!

I am most looking forward to…

:houses: Hearing back about an offer I put on a home last week! If you are house shopping during this time, you also know how competitive the market is. So warm thoughts are definitely appreciated! :crossed_fingers:
:trophy: Our awards launching! A lot of work has been happening behind the scenes. I am super excited to read through all of the awesome submissions in the next few weeks. Our customers are what makes us tick & I know they have been up to some pretty AMAZING things this last year!

This Week I am Motivated by…

:people_holding_hands: :people_holding_hands: :people_holding_hands: :people_holding_hands: My team! In addition to all of you wonderful community members, my team keeps me going! I am super lucky to work alongside @sparklingrobots @katie.richards @fatima.khalid @JohnRichardsII @david.needham @dgorton @mmlc @sparklingrobots & @carolyn

I would love to hear more about what @alex @alex.palacios @justkristin @Frontmobe are working on this week!


McKenna, excited to hear about the house offer! Sending positive vibes your way friend.


Thankyou @sparklingrobots for the nomination! I feel the all things DRUPALCON for sure… and then sprinkle in some MidCamp.

This week I am -
DrupalCon readiness

  • Helping out the Easy Out of the Box folks, making sure they have issues with good summaries for DrupalCon contrib days. Also helping the team create tasks for non-devs, coming up with design, documentation, and marketing issues so all different kinds of folks can help out at DrupalCon.

  • Securing speakers for the Community summit.

  • Helping Kanopi plan a non-code contrib panel - watch for invites!!

MidCamp readiness

  • Getting TWO workshops together. Non-code contributions and a first time code contrib workshop… mostly have them done, but need to fine tune and such

  • Lots of misc slide decks to help with

  • DrupalCoffee BoF!! todos

  • We are so close to launching our D9 site… the ease of use for STM will be wonderful…but

  • We need to raise some $$, so I’ll be working on some marketing schtufz

I am looking forward to MidCamp, it’s all about building community…and I love our open source communities!


:palm_tree: Out on vacation this week for my 13th Anniversary. I’ll be in New Orleans, so if anyone has recommendations for food or activities while I’m there, please send them my way :smiley:

:information_source: I’ve been playing around in Google Sheets, the formula capability seems to have improved a lot since I used it last. I think my biggest breakthrough was figuring out how to do absolute vs relative values in formulas and knowing when which was needed.

:drupal: Sad I’m missing out on MidCamp. I need to time things better next year. Excited to hear about how the new format goes.


Well McKenna,

Glad you asked :wink:
Over here at The Savvy Few we are working on bringing Free Press Unlimited to Pantheon! Free Press Unlimited is an NGO operating in over 50 countries. We are doing a complete rebuild of their old Drupal 7 website in Drupal 9 involving some pretty cool integrations with for instance CiviCRM and jqvmap.js.

We are launching Wednesday next week and will create a post devoted to this exciting launch, so stay tuned!



yay, welcome new community members! :blue_heart:

:sunflower: this week I’m in burnout recovery

  • I’m catching up after being Out of Office last week. I really reached the end of my capacity and was completely burnout - and took a necessary break from work. If you’re feeling similarly, I would highly recommend it! I slept almost 16+ hours the first couple of days because I was so exhausted and it’s really nice to feel better today.

  • Relatedly, I wanted to share this really great tweet about how different time off can feel post pandemic and how recharging your battery (especially when you’re in the red like I was in) is super important and may take more time/effort/support than it did before to recharge. Reminder to take care of yourselves! :bouquet:

:computer: I’m working on…

  • Catching up on all the Github issues I’ve missed last week and contributing to Pantheon’s Decoupled Bridge project.

  • I’m really looking forward to Midcamp! :tada: it’s favourite camp of the year!

:star: I’d like to recommend…

  • This episode of Code Switch talks about how the Hawaiian language almost went extinct until a group of young people started to work towards saving the language and culture as they were learning it. I learned a lot that I didn’t know before!

  • Vincenzo is my latest tv shook hook! It’s a Netflix series about two Korean lawyers, one raised in the Italian mafia and how they’re fighting against corrupt conglomerates. It’s beautifully directed and produced - the soundtrack, the acting, the angles of the video, and the plot twists are just SO amazing. I eagerly wait for the episodes every week and engage in theory discussions on ClubHouse :joy: .


wohooo :tada: hope the offer goes through @McKennaR ! and hope you have a restful vacation @JohnRichardsII !!!


Wow that is amazing @Frontmobe :clap: :clap: :clap: I am super excited to read all about how the official launch went next week!! Thanks for sharing that!

Speaking of relaunches, what advice might you have for someone who is looking to do the same now that you have lived through it yourself?

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Sounds like you had a fabulous week off :slight_smile: I am dreaming of 16 hours of sleep—mostly to escape this home buying nightmare I am in! That talk sounds super interesting @fatima.khalid, thanks for sharing :clap: I will have to find some time to listen to it!

I am also as equally excited about MidCamp! As an attendee of course :wink:


Awww 13th anniversary :heart: That’s amazing John! Congrats to you two! NOLA is one of my favorite spots—so much culture! I am sure @mmlc has all the best local spots on tap for you :slight_smile:

Speaking of being on vacation–please do not respond to this! Go decompress & enjoy your well deserved time off!

Oh, and one last thing—I would highly recommend taking a gator tour. I had tons of fun boating around :motor_boat:


Happy Friday everyone!

@McKennaR - Good luck with the house! We are semi in the market, but still sort of shopping around. The market is very tricky right now!

@fatima.khalid - I so hear you on burn out and taking time off! We’re in the middle of a huge project right now and once that launches (in less than a month!) I’m definitely planning on taking a week off. I need it. We all need it!

What have I been working on… Loads of API stuff this week and getting the finishing touches on our oAuth working so we can have our customers login using the eCommerce vendor but also be logged into Drupal with auto-roles based on info from the vendor. It’s very slick.

As for downtime, not much in terms of new things but we are still watching Voyager with our 7-year old and he’s really enjoying it. And listening to The Delta Flyers podcast where Garrett Wang and Robert Duncan McNeill talk about each episode in order. It’s fun.

Have a great weekend!


I didn’t know gator tours were a thing. Adding it to the list for my next visit as that sounds like fun.