Work Out Loud: January 2-6—Join Our First WOL Thread of 2023! 🎉

Hi all! :wave: Hope everyone’s having a great week so far, and Happy New Year! :confetti_ball: Can’t believe it’s already 2023?!

This Week’s Featured Tweet:

Shout-out to one of our partners, Third and Grove, for putting together this super thorough, helpful article on a new Pantheon workflow powered by GitHub Actions. Check it out if you think it might be helpful to you!

Now, let’s get right to it! For those of you who are new here: Work Out Loud is a weekly opportunity to share what we’re working on, who we’re meeting with, and what we’re doing in our free time. There are no rules here—share whatever you’d like!

Welcome New Members!
Welcome to our newest community members: @thiago.lima, @dashminehosting, @bibibibobboy, and @banger25. We’re so excited to have you here! You’re cordially invited to participate in our Work Out Loud thread, this week and every week. :grinning: Let us know where in the world you are! :world_map:

This Week, I Am…
:trophy: Still working on Pantheon’s 2022 Best in WebOps Awards! Right now, I’m working to finalize the judging templates, planning judging comms and our collective judges review meetings in early February, and helping research trophy vendors. Please note: Submissions for the Best in WebOps Awards have closed. If you applied to the awards, you’ll be notified by February 2023 on the status of your submission.

What I am Most Excited About…
:two_hearts: Currently in PA visiting my mom, so I’m happy to be able to spend some quality time with her, my grandma, and other family!

Your turn! See below for a few questions to get you started, and feel free to share as little or as much as you’d like. :point_down:

  • What are you working on right now?
  • What are your New Year’s resolutions?
  • What 2023 open source community events are you most looking forward to?
  • Do you have any recent big wins you want to share?
  • Is there anything our community can help you with?

This week, I’m nominating @GARCIAGARCIA04, @danbarron, @kmk, @Erorr, @mcurran, and @Prescila (but really, anyone can participate!) to share! Feel free to chime in by clicking “Reply” below, and then, nominate others. :open_hands:

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Happy New Year everyone!

I am looking forward to 2023. This year, I’ve decided I need to re-learn WordPress. I’ve been working exclusively in Drupal for several years now. I used to have a simple WordPress blog, but I gave that up for the simplicity of publishing with 11ty. It’s time to get back into the WordPress game again. I’m a big Minecraft fan, so I think my WordPress project is going to have something to do with that.

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Hi, @ap2963! Happy New Year! :tada: I commend you for taking on the goal of re-learning WordPress this year! I’m curious, what platforms/tools do you think you’ll use to re-learn WordPress development? Are you planning to take a course or? I personally like the WordPress LMS + that there’s a lot of learning resources on there (for different skill levels), which is nice! Also, do you think you’re going to restart your blog? If so, I’m sure others in our community would find it useful as well!