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Work Out Loud: January 18-24, 2021

Welcome to this week’s Work Out Loud thread! Work Out Loud is a weekly opportunity to share what we’re working on, who we’re meeting with, and what we’re doing in our free time. Our offices were closed on yesterday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, so our normal Monday activities are happening on Tuesday.

Welcome to our newest community members: @khoff, @SJaxon , @retro80s, & @jvatec! You’re cordially invited to participate in our Work Out Loud thread, this week and every week. :smiley: Let us know where in the world you are!

This week, I am…
:star2: Prepping for an inclusive leadership webinar with @monicadear
:speak_no_evil: Can’t share details on our next community event, but it’s coming together…
:heavy_heart_exclamation: Learning about emotional intelligence
:classical_building: Hoping for a peaceful day tomorrow.

Motivated by
I’ve been doing more writing, which is not only helping me catch up on blog posts but is also getting me inspired with new ideas for blog posts!

Your turn! Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • What are you working on this week?
  • What is motivating (or demotivating) you this week?
  • What are you learning?
  • Any good videos/podcasts/articles you can recommend?

I nominate @dgorton, @caity.bishop, @McKennaR, @dinarcon & @JohnRichardsII!

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Hi @sparklingrobots, happy new-week!

I wasn’t tagged but wanted to share anyway. I’ve got a few big projects that are dominating my schedule this week.

This week, I am…
:calendar: Working through the details to schedule the first product roadmap review for our Pantheon Heroes. (Love Pantheon, the open web, and helping others? Apply to be one of our select Hero advocates!)
:new: I’ll be building out a new section of the Community Forum for those attending our weekly live workshops to ask questions and continue their learning experience

I am excited about…
:construction: Our big home construction project is getting SO close to being done with carpet being installed TOMORROW!

I nominate @CodeChefMarc to join the conversation!


Also not tagged, but…

This week, I am…
:space_invader: Working on completing two different D8 sites in the hope that we will be able to open in March. The hope belongs to C-suiters, to be honest. I mean, I hope we’d be able to open, but I am not even slowing my breath in a meditative fashion, let alone holding it.
:scream_cat: Trying to find things to learn, but ending up overwhelmed by the choices.
:sweat_smile: Completing another week of rowing and another week of meditation (even tho the former often leaves me sore, and the latter often makes me sleep)

I am excited about…
:speak_no_evil: Getting to start babysitting again on Saturdays, starting this week. I miss that little troll.


@justkristin & @katie.richards No tag needed, thanks for jumping in!!

Yay for home renovations and resuming babysitting!! :dancer:

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Welcome new members! :wave:

This Week I am…

:trophy: Working on a really exciting project for our Customers/Community! Keep your :eyes: peeled for announcements!
:dog: :dog: Still playing mom for 4 more weeks until these pups go up for adoption!
:gift: Ensuring all participants got their awesome swag bags & T-shirts for Gift of Open Source!

I am Motivated By…

:weight_lifting_woman: Looking to register for another half marathon & overall take better care of my body [fingers crossed Covid isn’t around by then]
:video_camera: Ted Talks! I try and listen to one/day if I can. They are super uplifting and a lot of times have such great content and learnings

I nominate @ashleynoda @elishafeliciano @alex.palacios @amykhailova to share what they are working on this week/looking forward to!

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Ohhhh rowing is intense! I live in Phoenix, AZ & I see people doing it all the time on the man-made lake here in the valley. Looks like a great workout! I have always wanted to try it!

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Good lord, I don’t know how you do it. Anyone who fosters dogs is a saint, as I would just end up keeping them. Puppy pics, please? :slight_smile:


@justkristin - in terms of figuring out what to learn next, I totally hear ya on that one! I keep going back and forth between heading down the React rabbit hole or diving further into Drupal 8/9 updates with Composer… so many things to learn! :slight_smile:

Thanks for tagging me, @katie.richards! This week I’m:

Working on a way to save files from Drupal into an Amazon AWS bucket - I got it working yesterday and this will be such a great thing for us going forward. :open_file_folder:

Planning out a new API for product recommendations - should be a fun one as we’ve done this stuff manually before, but the new way will have more machine learning behind it. Neat. :robot:

At home, started to watch Wandavision as I’m a huge fan of the MCU. I’m very curious how this will work with the rest of the universe. Whee! :man_superhero:


@justkristin this is every zoom call I have with @McKennaR


So, is React the winner? Is there ever a winner? I live in a weird kind of… not FOMO… more like FOCOTAGLeB (Fear Of Choosing One Thing And Getting LEft Behind).

A 50-something woman who got really good at Perl just in time for it to go OOP and lose to Python, the dreaded enemy LOLsob

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Hah, I just read a great piece by Kilian Valkhof called “Old is Solid; New gets Talked About” and in it he argues that while we hear about new tech all the time, it’s not necessarily that new tech that is put in place - all the “old” stuff still is online and needs to be supported.

I’ve felt that way about tons of web tech and have felt that I’ve been behind in a lot of ways (especially the newest JS frameworks and such like React), but I’ve also found that I am still learning all of the “old” stuff too - PHP and CSS are my jam and I’m still growing in those areas even after 15 years.

That said, I totally get what you’re saying! I took an awesome programming class back in college and when I went to take the next course, they had changed languages completely and I (stupidly) decided to drop the program and didn’t pursue programming again until the web hit its stride. I should have stuck with it, I think! The two languages? Pascal and they switched it to C++! Like I said, I should have stuck with it. :laughing:


I believe I have just died of the cuteness. Look at those TOES! How do you get work done on those Zoom calls?? Oh, I want to squish it…


Oh gosh so sorry! Late here :slight_smile: Let me flood you with all the puppy pics your heart can handle!

Those were from about 2 weeks ago so I will share some new ones soon!


Look. At. Those. Toe. Beans!

What kind of dogs are they? Do you also foster their mom? Or are you hand-feeding them all? Seriously in awe of you! I love Patty’s little socks and Woody’s pink shnozzle. It’s funny: I wouldn’t do baby talk to my own kid or now her’s, but dogs of any age… My brain melts.


I am late too but currently working on some interesting headless Drupal research, Gatsby, and style guide research. Really fun.


Gesh, I am late here–so sorry!

I am just fostering the pups! Sadly, mom was no where in sight :frowning: They are now 5 weeks old, so no longer bottle feeding, but I did for the first 4 weeks! Talk about no sleep! But soooo worth it! :heart: Oh, and they say they are Australian Shepards but something tells me maybe a mix!

@justkristin I absolutely feel you on the brain melt! I love animals–all animals!! This is my 3rd time fostering bottle babies–6 puppies total over 2 years! :dog: :dog: :dog: :dog: :dog: :dog:


Sounds awesome @amykhailova! If you have any awesome research to share, I am all ears!

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