Work Out Loud: February 6-10—Come Share What You’re Working on + Hoping to Accomplish This Week! 🎯

Hi all! :wave: Happy Monday!

This Week’s Featured Tweet:

Who’s coming to Florida DrupalCamp this year?! Being someone who attended the conference in the past, I highly recommend it! The conference provides you with the opportunity to learn from and connect with fellow WordPress users and enthusiasts, as well as some awesome Pantheors!

Now, let’s get right to it! For those of you who are new here: Work Out Loud is a weekly opportunity to share what we’re working on, who we’re meeting with, and what we’re doing in our free time. There are no rules here—share whatever you’d like!

Welcome New Members!
Welcome to our newest community members: ​​@Brueske. We’re so excited to have you here! You’re cordially invited to participate in our Work Out Loud thread, this week and every week. :grinning: Let us know where in the world you are! :world_map:

This Week, I Am…
:trophy: Still working on Pantheon’s 2022 Best in WebOps Awards! Last week, we had our two judging review sessions, which was super exciting! This means we have a final list of winning individuals and teams. So, our team is working on nominee and winner nomination communications. If you applied to the awards, you’ll be notified by February 2023 on the status of your submission. We should be putting in the order for the trophies soon.

:partying_face: Picking our February 2023 Community Champion! Expect a forum announcement soon!

What I am Most Excited About…
:house: I’m currently looking for a new place to move into next month, so I have some apartment viewings planned later this week. So, I’m definitely excited to find a place I like and hopefully sign a lease soon!

Your turn! See below for a few questions to get you started, and feel free to share as little or as much as you’d like. :point_down:

  • What are you working on this week?
  • Do you have any recent big wins you want to share?
  • What are you learning and/or reading right now?
  • Is there anything our community can help you with?

This week, I’m nominating @kelly, @schutzsmith, @ARSGeek, @sindhu, @nimt, @alimbert, @Helenasue, and @russellb (but really, anyone can participate!) to share! Feel free to chime in by clicking “Reply” below, and then, nominate others. :open_hands:


Hi fellow Panthers!

This Week, I Am…
:spider: We are about to launch a redesign of our company web site, hopefully by tomorrow or so, and have been furiously beavering away at that.

I’m super excited about…
:cloud: Totally not Pantheon-related, but 8 years ago I quit smoking (a 2-pack-a-day habit for 20 years) in a single day thanks to vaping. Shortly thereafter I started making my own flavored nicotine “juices” for my vape devices and over the years have developed some “recipes” I really love. Some folks in this small community*** have started requesting these and also requesting that I make them custom juices from ideas they have, like my current favorite: Banana Fudge Bomb Pop. I’m having a blast making these juices for people!

:sheep: Some of you might remember I raise sheep, and it’s almost time for lambs to start coming - by far the most fun, exciting, and also nerve-wracking time of the year! If y’all are interested I’ll post some pics when the babies are here…

What I’m reading…
:books: I never got around to reading more than the first couple of the Joe Leaphorn/Jim Chee mystery series by Tony Hillerman, so I’ve been working my way through those the last couple months. I’m on Book 12, The Fallen Man right now; still have about 14 or so to go I think!

:mega: For the first time in over three years my company Gotham City Drupal has some open bandwidth: we are looking for new projects/clients!

:pray:t3: Thank you for listening. What are you up to?

  • Kelly

*** CASAA (Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association Facebook Page. If you vape and aren’t a member, please join today - it’s free. CASAA: the Vaper’s Voice!


Hello all!
This week I am… working to update a custom module I wrote last year to integrate Google Analytics with our Drupal website. Google, as many might already know, is phasing out Universal Analytics in favor of Google Analytics 4. On the API side, this means a transition from the Analytics Reporting API to the Analytics Data API. Gotta love the naming system! So my custom module needs to be able to pull reports using the new API. Fortunately, the switch to the new API doesn’t seem that crazy and I have been able to get Drupal to pull GA4 reports for our website.

I am excited about… AI tools! Because of the excitement around Chat GPT, there’s been chatter online about other AI tools that are worth some attention. I’ve been looking at Codex/Github Co-Pilot; DALL-E; Illustroke, which seems great for brainstorming; StockIMG; Looka; and There are also some AI music generation tools that might be worth checking out.

Also, Superbowl Sunday is coming up. Fly Eagles Fly!


Good luck on the apartment hunting @vee.vopham!

This week I am working on some bugs that will unblock our Decoupled team, as well as pushing out a new release for our Native PHP Sessions WordPress plugin based on a report from a user on the WordPress support forums. I also was a guest on the WP Tavern podcast that should go out in the next couple months and we just recorded that this morning.

To @ap2963’s post above, I’ve recently started using Warp as my terminal application, which is sort of advertised to be like GitHub Co-pilot except in your terminal. It takes a bit of getting used to, but I’m finding the autocompletion / suggestions to be pretty helpful most of the time, but I especially like the way it breaks each block of output into its own bookmark/copy-able thing, in addition to being able to do everything that you expect a terminal application to do and migrating from iTerm was a non-issue.


Thanks @chris.reynolds for reminding me about Warp. I have a vague memory of seeing this online somewhere, but I never followed up on it.


Hi, Kelly! Happy Tuesday - thanks for sharing what you’re up to this week! Definitely sounds like you’re keeping busy! :wink:

OOOOH, can’t wait to see the new site!

Wow, love this. Do you have a site where you sell your nicotine juices?

AHHH, I’d love to see pics of the lambs! :heart_eyes: Eek!

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Hi, Aaron! Wow, sounds like you’re pretty busy! Hope you’ve had a productive start to your week.

I’m also super excited about the future of AI! I know AI image generators are really in right now. I’m curious - have you used any of these tools yet or just looking into them? Our team may be looking into AI-powered marketing copy tools (specifically for a big community project we’re rolling out later this year)… I’ve heard good things about + Jasper so may try these out!! If you have any other AI chat tools you’d recommend, let me know!

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Thanks, Chris!! I believe you’re in a house (+ own it?) now, right? The stability of homeowning sounds nice, but I also have friends who own properties + vent about how time-consuming + stressful it can be, especially if you get yourself a fixer upper/something that requires extra love after moving in, lol.

Very cool - definitely share the ep once it’s out! I’d love to have a listen + am happy to share as well!

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Hey - I’ll be in Florida!!

I am really looking forward to seeing some folks again after taking a break from traveling over the winter.

This Week, I Am…
Busy getting ready for Florida Camp. I am taking a break from presenting this year and “just” helping organize and give a training.
I am also working on presenting internally for my Red Hat content team on how to create accessible content.

Recent big wins
I got several notifications this week of session acceptance for some major Linux events…I am blown away and humbled that I can share my knowledge about accessibility and contributing to open source.

How to be more patient. We brought home a rescue cat recently and it has been quite challenging to balance having another animal in the house! Our “old” cat is settled in his ways, and newbie just wants to play!

Spotty McSpots Alot

Versus Luna:


Hi @vee.vopham ! Right now I’m just looking at these tools right now to figure out the cost/benefit for each and how I might make good use of them. But it’s a very exciting time in this space.

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Yes, this is actually our third home. Each one has needed various levels of “fixing up”, although we got our current house partially because it required less fixing (that said, we replaced the roof a few months ago, and redid the furnace/heating/A/C system right after, so, there’s already been a fair bit of work just not stuff that we’ve done ourselves – at this point, we’re pretty happy to hire trained professionals for most things :sweat_smile:).

I wouldn’t want to go back to renting – especially when, at least around here, we can (still, generally) pay <= $$ for mortgage than rent for more space and more freedom, but we’re still pretty lucky that that’s the case out here. I know where my parents live (in the SF Bay Area) that would very likely not be the case.


I love you cats and want to give them all the nose boops. :heart_eyes_cat:


Amazing!!! Huge congrats!

They’re both so precious! I’m also with @chris.reynolds + want to give them allll the love. They look so cuddly, lol!

Also, I’m sad I can’t see you @ FL DrupalCamp (but glad you were able to step back a bit, though you’re still plenty involved hahaha). Unfortunately, none of the Community Team is going this year, but I’ll be living vicariously through other Pantheors in attendance (+ stalking everyone’s social posts!!), including @NineLivesBlackCat! :purple_heart:


Oh my goodness, Chris! LOL, that sounds like a lot. I hope your house won’t need any more major work for a WHILE. Yes, agree about saving on owning a house. vs paying rent, especially depending on where you live, how the market is, etc. I think I just enjoy the convenience of renting for now.

Oh wow - do your parents own their home, I assume? Hopefully, not renting!!! I checked rental prices in the Bay Area, + they’re WILDDDDDD.

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My parents bought their house in South San Francisco in 1991 (if I’m remembering my history correctly) and my grandparents bought their house (which my parents also now own since they’ve both passed) in neighboring San Bruno when it was built (I think) right after WWII. Their neighborhood used to be almost entirely made up of WWII vets, among which my grandfather was one.

In both cases, obviously it was well before Silicon Valley was even a thing, let alone the current housing market in the Bay Area and both are likely worth well more than they could ever dream of affording now. (Both houses are paid off, too, so double win! :tada: :tada:)


@kelly the new website looks nice!


Thank you! Design by the lovely and talented Eve Simon, with whom we’ve worked on numerous projects. Huge step up from our old (sad, neglected) site, for reals! Appreciate you taking the time to check it out.

What are YOU doing this week?

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WOW, this is amazing! I wonder how many vets are still in the area. But I love that your parents could inherit your grandparents’ house. And yeah, wow, if they ever choose to sell, they’d probably make a HUGE profit! Glad both houses are paid off!!

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+1! @kelly, the new site looks SO clean + visually striking! Really great design + is super responsive + user-friendly, from what I can tell + from briefly going through it. Woot, woot!! Congrats! :clap:

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I don’t know that there are that many anymore*. There used to be a lot. My parents were divorced and my dad worked, so much of my childhood was growing up at my grandparents house and knowing all the neighbors. I will say that I think a lot of the homes have stayed in the families and there’s probably a few generations of vets in the neighborhood at this point. But there used to be a WWII minitary base less than a mile away, so after the war, this neighborhood sort of popped up to support the now discharged vets.

That’s my retirement plan right there :sweat_smile: