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Work Out Loud: February 16-21, 2021

Welcome to this week’s Work Out Loud thread! Work Out Loud is a weekly opportunity to share what we’re working on, who we’re meeting with, and what we’re doing in our free time.

Welcome to our newest community members: @Glen, @Nic2k, @brittany.braxton, @ehygienics, & @dynamicadvance! You’re cordially invited to participate in our Work Out Loud thread, this week and every week. :smiley: Let us know where in the world you are, and what brings you to the Pantheon community.

This week, I am…
:snowflake: Watching snow fall and keeping a fire going in my wood stove.
:palm_tree: Prepping a new talk for Florida DrupalCamp.
:musical_note: Attending the Black & Latinx Pantheors’ Beats N Bingo night on Thursday. Join us! Fun times for a good cause.

Motivated by:
:sun_behind_small_cloud: Getting up early! Still seeking my inner morning lark, but we’ll see how this goes. Currently relying on a lot of coffee and some music to get me started.

Your turn! Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • What are you working on this week?
  • What is motivating (or demotivating) you this week?
  • What are you learning?
  • Any good videos/podcasts/articles you can recommend?
  • What is your morning routine like?

I nominate @katie.richards, @CodeChefMarc, @volkswagenchick, @McKennaR & @JohnRichardsII!

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Thank you for the nomination!
What a bust week for me!! (But what week isn’t, right?) Florida DrupalCamp kicks off Thursday and there is still prep to do!!
I had a pretty good weekend, did some mushrooming spotting (I forgot my camera), and mostly hung out with my new kitty, SPot.

  • What are you working on this week?
    Lots of Florida DrupalCamp. I’ll be presenting a little about the project at the DevOps summit, lots of session monitoring, and helping on contrib day with first time contribution workshops.
    I am really looking forward to seeing some of my Drupal friends… FLDC was the last in person event I traveled to.
    Oh and I am helping with the Community Summit at DrupalCon this year and we kick off with a meeting this week.

  • What are you learning?
    With giving a DevOpsy talk, I have learned a ton about DevOps… really outside my comfort zone so I read all the things.

  • Any good videos/podcasts/articles you can recommend?
    I am looking forward a meetup tonight: Drupal NoVA: 10 Things We Can Learn from the New on Accessibility

  • What is your morning routine like?

Right now my routine is a little weird because of hanging out with Spot in the bedroom, but on a more normal day I would start coffee and than start in on work right away at 6am-ish… I like to get a couple of hours in before others get started and start with the slack noise!!

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@volkswagenchick I remain in awe of how many things you are involved with…even with starting work at 6 am, you are a marvel of productivity.

Best of luck with Florida DrupalCamp this week! I’m really excited to attend my first FLDC…even though I do really wish I could see everybody in person!


Thanks for the welcome @sparklingrobots . I live in Lehi, UT. I am the sole developer for

What are you working on this week?
Trying to learn Pantheon - really anything. Migrating over and all of that fun stuff.

What is motivating (or demotivating) you this week?
I am motivated to see more sun and be done with Winter :smiley:

What are you learning?
Trying to learn the Dashboard, commits, updates, new relic - like I said above, anything pantheon related, I feel kind of overwhelmed at the moment.

What is your morning routine like?
Forcing myself to get up so I can wake up kids and get them off to school. Sometimes that means walking to school and other times driving carpool for the teenagers. Then breakfast and then I start the grind. I occasionally motivate myself to turn on youtube and do a 25 minute workout. Once it warms up a bit more I’ll get out and do some running or biking.

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Hi, @Glen! Welcome to Pantheon!!

It’s a lot to learn at first, but I think you’ll find Pantheon is a good fit for a solo developer – once you get the processes locked in, there’s a lot of efficiency you can get from the platform itself.

I’d direct you to our workshops, but I know you’ve already found those. :slight_smile: This community should be a great help so if you’re banging into a question on how to do X on Pantheon, we can help get you sorted. First things first, just get used to the dashboard deployment process and once that’s firing on all cylinders, move on to the fancier stuff like New Relic or Terminus.


Hi everyone and happy Friday! And welcome, @Glen! I’ve been using Pantheon for a while now so if you have any questions on the forum, I’m happy to help.

What have I been working on this week… more eCommerce stuff like last time, but now with new state validation code. Since we sell wine, we have to make sure it’s legal to sell to specific states. So, that is an interesting challenge for sure! :wine_glass:

At home, my son and I are playing through the “new” Super Mario Bros 3D World on the Switch. It’s a lot of fun as I have a soft spot for most things Mario! :video_game:

Morning routine - I actually miss my previous routine which included an early morning walk before everyone was awake, but it’s been too cold for that right now. I’ll get back to it in a month or two. Right now, it’s a good cup of green tea (Genmaicha is my favorite :tea:) and spending a little bit of time with my son before we both go upstairs to the home office where he logs into remote school and I login to work. While sometimes it can get a little noisy in here as the three of us share the home office space, it still works well.


Thanks. I actually am frustrated trying to get varnish to work. The site is WP, so I have tried deactivating plugins and sometimes varnish will work, but then it won’t so I can’t really say it is a certain plugins causing the issue. any ideas?

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Hey @Glen are any of those plugins setting a cookie? That’s a common thing that will bust the cache; cookies have to be prepended with STYXKEY:

Can you check what headers/values are being sent with a curl request?

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Unfortunately, I haven’t worked with Varnish and I’m more of a Drupal guy. But looks like @chris.finney replied as well, so I hope you are able to get the answers you need.

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I see:; _gat_UA-22507366-1=1
I thought it was gravity forms, but I am not sure. So some cookies are fine but others will break varnish? or is it just that varnish won’t cache certain content because of cookies?

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Some cookies allow you to vary what the cache sends and some will bust the cache entirely. But any time you are setting a cookie, you will not be serving cached content – so you may want to review what’s setting cookies & when to get an idea of what’s causing things not to serve from cache.