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Work Out Loud: December 7-13, 2020

Welcome to Work Out Loud , a weekly thread where we share what we’re working on, who we’re meeting with, and what we’re doing in our free time. Usually it seems to be cooking. :woman_cook:

Welcome to our newest community members: @omarmuhyar, @tripflex, @Andy-Blum, @kristopher, @tedb, @surabhi.gokte, @DieterHolvoet, @laughnanbox, @Marcy730, @clayton, @randell, @Vernalis_Consulting and @activehousetech ! I know I saw a bunch of you in the Gift of Open Source contribution thread already. Thank you for joining our community! You’re cordially invited to participate in our Work Out Loud thread, too. :smile:

This week, I am…
:gift: So blown away by all the participation in the Gift of Open Source in the first week!

:gift: GIFT OF OPEN SOURCE STARTS TOMORROW! I’m hyped to make my own contributions and to help all y’all get started giving back to WordPress and Drupal. Jump in our thread if you have suggestions for how to contribute!

:eu: Giving a co-presentation with @McKennaR at DrupalCon Europe, introducing the awesome keynote speaker Siri Chilazi, and generally getting up WAY TOO EARLY for this night owl. And wishing I could be in Barcelona.

From the rooftop of the Museu d’Història de Catalunya. Champagne & gummy bears.

Motivated by
Every single person contributing to Gift of Open Source. It’s a rush to see people giving back to the projects that have given me so much over the years. :drupal::wordpress:

How to do duplicate stitch for some knitted Christmas ornaments. :yarn:

And how to contribute to WordPress today: Learn about WordPress Contribution on Monday December 7 (Thanks @amyjune)

Your turn! Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • What are you working on this week?
  • What is motivating (or demotivating) you this week?
  • What are you learning?
  • Any good videos/podcasts/articles you can recommend?

I nominate @dgorton, @McKennaR, @mmlc & @JohnRichardsII!


Hey everyone! :wave: And welcome new community members, we are super excited to have you here!

This week, I am…

Delivering my very first session at DrupalCon Europe alongside my awesome leader @sparklingrobots :clap:

Attending WordPress Contributions 101 delivered by @amyjune :slight_smile: Excited to learn some new things!

Excited to have @hallienew host our WebOps Wednesday! She is such a smart cookie & has the most adorable pup named Frankly! So get ready to ask here all the questions this Wednesday!:dancer:

I am motivated by…

Each of you! Getting the Gift of Open Source off the ground took a lot of time & effort. And seeing everyone contribute has been such a gift in itself! :heart: :gift:

I am excited…

To spend time with my family this week in Pennsylvania :family_man_woman_girl_boy:

To see all the Christmas lights! :christmas_tree: There is just something about being back in your hometown that makes holidays that much sweeter!

To accomplish one of my 2020 bucket list items: “To speak a WordCamp or DrupalCamp.” What an honor & way to check this one off! :heavy_check_mark:

I nominate @alex.palacios @carolyn & @StephGarcia to share what they are working on/most excited about this week! :clap:

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This week is exciting and busy …

What am I working on this week?
I helped the GOOS program today with two presentations on how to give back to the WordPress community.
Florida Drupal Camp is ramping up and we’re getting ready to announce trainings and open our CFPS.
I also host A11yTalks on Wednesday - you all should check it out, my co-worker will be talking about Accessible Marketing Practices.

What are you learning?
I am taking some classes through Deque for a couple of accessibility certifications. I am also attending DrupalCon Europe (thanks Pantheon for the ticket!!) and attending sessions on test driven development.

Any good videos/podcasts/articles you can recommend?
Whelp - not tech related…If you like Punk music, Bad Religion has a series of live shows that covers their many decades. “Bad Religion celebrate 40 years with 4 decade specific episodes filmed live at The Roxy.”


What are you working on this week?
We have a site launch that was planned for Wednesday get bumped to Friday, but not afraid of deploying on Friday because it’s on PANTHEON.

What is motivating (or demotivating) you this week?
Honestly, the last week or two before launch is my least productive time on a site because it’s mainly a bunch of tiny little things that aren’t really interesting or challenging, it’s just little ticky-tacky things that fell through the cracks along the way.

What are you learning?
Paired up with one of our backend developers and learned about dependency injection. Not sure how often I’ll use it as a front-end, but I like having the big-picture understanding. I also bought the React JS and Gatsby courses from Wes Bos a couple weeks back. Hopefully I’ll be able to find the time soon/over the holidays to get into that.


Woohooo FRIYAY LAUNCH! Hope it goes well.

I’d love to hear about the React & Gatsby classes when you get a chance to dig in – I need to get up to speed on those as well. :smiley: :books:

Aaaaaand launch delayed because the client isn’t ready :upside_down_face:

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I love the courses that Wes Bos puts out, he’s really good. I was going to say good luck on the launch, but you said later it got pushed back. We go through that all the time too. :laughing:

I used dependency injection on my first Drupal 8 module a while ago and at the time it made sense (coming off a course about it) but it’s been a while since I’ve looked into it, I’d have to refresh my memory about what it gives you. IIRC, it essentially will only load that class/method/etc when it needs to and therefore saves time/memory? Like I said, it’s been a while! :slight_smile:


Tbh, I don’t know what advantages dependency injection provides, I just know the CI process demands it when declaring custom classes. I would guess it’s just a code-readability thing as it makes external class methods/properties available as methods/properties of $this

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