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Work Out Loud: December 13-17

Hi wonderful Pantheon community members! :wave: For anyone who missed my Slack introduction or doesn’t know me yet, hello! I’m Vee (pronouns are he/him/him), Pantheon’s new Community Programs Coordinator. I’m so excited to be here and look forward to getting to know all of you in the weeks and months to come.

For those of you who are also new here: Work Out Loud is a weekly opportunity to share what we’re working on, who we’re meeting with, and what we’re doing in our free time. There are no rules here—share whatever you’d like!

Welcome New Members!
Welcome to our newest community members: @mabrownjr @edwin @evaldas @Hershel.McNeill @steven.merrill @Lickas @Emmanuel12 @AuroraMagic @todd.zebert @acroundtree @nvarghese @alshbg @oneal @kha.nguyen @johnjohnrannz @anthill. We’re so excited to have you here! You’re cordially invited to participate in our Work Out Loud thread, this week and every week. :grinning: Let us know where in the world you are! :world_map:

This week, I am…
:new: Continuing to get acclimated at Pantheon, as this is only my second week at the company! But, I’m loving it. Huge thank you to @McKennaR, @katie.richards, and all those in Pantheon’s Dev Relations (and really everyone who’s helped with my onboarding/training) team for being so, so welcoming and helpful. So, I’m still busy getting up to speed on all things Pantheon and am mostly attending a lot of meetings and completing onboarding tasks this week.

:nerd_face: Attending Pantheon’s Platform Boot Camp for internal staff! I’m joining other new hires in a three-day deep dive on the Pantheon platform, and I’m elated to learn more about our tools and products, so I can be better equipped to support you and others who are new to and using Pantheon.

What I am Most Excited About…
I’m most excited about the sunnier, warmer weather in the Washington, DC area this week. I’m located in Alexandria, VA and was quite surprised to find out that it’ll be in the 60s and 70s (Fahrenheit) this week. I’m really into the outdoors so will definitely take advantage of the nicer weather and plan a hike for this upcoming weekend! On a more professional note, I’m excited to connect with those in the WordPress community, thanks to the WordPress State of the Word keynote address! I actually just attended Pantheon’s State of the Word Watch Party and got to connect with quite a few of you on Zoom while watching the keynote address live. Hearing the WordPress project’s Co-Founder, Matt Mullenweg, talk about all WordPress has achieved this past year, the project’s commitment to accessibility, and the future of open source was so uplifting and energizing. See below for a screenshot I took from the watch party, and if you want to watch the keynote recording, you can check it out on WordPress’ YouTube channel.

Your turn! Here are a few questions to get you started :point_down:

  • What are you working on this week?
  • Do you have any recent big wins you want to share?
  • What are you learning right now?
  • Is there anything our community can help you with?
  • Do you have any upcoming travel plans you’re super excited to share?

This week, I’d love to hear from some of our new members, including @Lickas @acroundtree @alshbg (but really, anyone can participate!), and I’m also nominating some Pantheors, @JohnRichardsII @NineLivesBlackCat @jose.castaneda, to share! Feel free to chime in by clicking “Reply” below, and then, nominate others. :open_hands:


Hi all, @ vee.vopham
Thank you for the inclusion.
I’m in the Highlands of Scotland, and thank fully the weather is giving us a short reprieve from -5 deg C, to a warm 12deg C. :smiley: But plenty of wind rain and occasional snow to remind us winter is coming!

I’m new (well have started yet again) to ‘getting started with Drupal’. I’ve had 2 websites I’ve been playing around with in Pantheon. But I wanted to study and really learn.
I’ve found and just enrolled with the Acquia Drupal Academy and now reached the bit telling me to set up Drupal.
I got XAMMP, Composer and Drupal 9 - that’s fine, but when I try to find Dev Desktop, off Acquia, it’s changed to Acquia Cloud IDE. But for that you need to subscribe?

I found Site building: beginner, intermediate, advanced | which is really helpful.
It advises (as in the Course too) to download DevDesktop, and to add 2 lines of code.

DevDesktop: When I click on [Acquia’s DAMP Dev Desktop] (Digital Experience Platform for Content, Community, Commerce | Acquia) it sends you to join the Cloud IDE not to any DevDesktop downloadable file.
So I’m stuck, can anyone help me please, or point me in the right direction as to where I can get some help please ?
(And yes I have tried the chat in Acquia but I just speak to the Bot who has ‘no idea’… ! )

2 lines of Code : It advices too to ‘run’ (these 2 lines of code) in the drupal org download section, but nothing tells you in which program or ‘how’?
I know that sounds silly and embarrassing, and I’m sure for most it’s ‘obvious’, but to me it isn’t. So where do you add these lines, and in which program and where in that program please?
(Xammp, or composer ?) I don’t think it’d be in Drupal? For me as a beginner and not a programmer or coder, it’s an ‘unknown’. And once entered the lines of text do I hit ‘Enter’ & ‘save’ - do I then need to save the program file under a certain name and location ? (if that matters)?

I also found Bitnami for XAMPP, too which I downloaded from the apachefriends site.

I know I ‘can’ just use the Drupal in my Pantheon area, but I wanted to get it all set up, (on my own laptop), so at least I’ve had the experience and know how to do it.
Then I’m planning to carry on in Pantheon, to do the exercises. :smiley:
And I’m really sorry if this is in the wrong area!


Thanks for sharing @vee.vopham! :partying_face:

We are so excited to have you here on the team! What did you think about the State of the Word, since that was your very first time attending!?

Also an avid hiker! :hiking_boot: You will have to snap some photos on this weekend + share. I didn’t get into hiking until I was an adult, so I never got to really experience any hikes in the eastern U.S. :slight_smile:

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Hey there! :wave:

Thanks for sharing with us! I must admit, Scotland is a gorgeous place! I got to visit there a few years ago , I will have to dig up some photos from my adventure (and yes, I did try and find the Loch ness monster :see_no_evil:).

In terms of helping you in the Acquia side of things, I am unfortunately not suited to answer your questions. However, we do have some really awesome DevAdvocates here who may be able to help point you in the right direction to get started with Drupal! :clap: We also just had our Getting Started With Drupal training last week, which I would highly recommend attending if you haven’t yet! It’s really informative + helpful! And no prior Drupal experience is needed to join :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I am going to tag a few people here to see if they can help! @JohnRichardsII @NineLivesBlackCat @jose.castaneda @volkswagenchick!

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Hey there @vee.vopham … was nice meeting you yesterday at the SOTW view party! Welcome!

I am unclear about the Acquia Cloud tool.
There are some great tools out there now for local and cloud development. It’s hard to keep up!


Some cloud tools (they all have unique use cases):


Thanks for sharing! :heart_decoration: I am so sad I wasn’t able to attend the watch party yesterday! Gahh! Hows your new role going!?!

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Hi @AuroraMagic! It’s so nice to virtually connect. Jealous you’re in Scotland. It’s been on my list to visit! I’d love to see photos of the Highlands if you have a moment to share some! :slightly_smiling_face: As far as your questions regarding Acquia, I’d echo @McKennaR’s recommendations. Definitely try to attend our next free Getting Started with Drupal training if you can. @volkswagenchick also provided some helpful tools above that are worth checking out. I’ll also leave it to our Dev Advocacy team to chime in. @NineLivesBlackCat is a Drupal pro so might be able to help! :smiley:

I’d also explore Drupal’s support page and make sure you’re in Pantheon’s Slack Community, as we have a #drupal Slack channel where you can engage with other Drupal users. They’re definitely a great resource!

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@McKennaR, it was great! I loved hearing the WordPress project’s Matt Mullenweg talk about WordPress updates (including the fact that WordPress is now available in 72 languages (there are 13K+ languages in the core with 15K+ active translators), the number of block themes has doubled this past year, and themes can now be created entirely with blocks; the project’s commitment to accessibility; and how engaging the younger generation in open source is the best way to contribute to the future of humanity. (If anyone is interested in seeing what folx were saying during the State of the Word event, I’d check out the #StateOfTheWord hashtag on Twitter)

And yes, I’ll definitely plan on taking and then sharing some photos from my hike later this week! :sunrise_over_mountains: :hiking_boot:

Thanks for sharing these tools, @volkswagenchick, and likewise! It was so nice getting to virtually connect with you yesterday. :smiley: Looking forward to getting to know you better in the future!

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I love the new job. Much of what I have done in the WP and Drupal communities is translating over to

My job is to keep contributors happy and foster continued contributions… and seek new contributors. Feels very natural.

Thanks for asking @McKennaR

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Hi All, thank you all for all the replies. :smiley:
@McKennaR ach I’ve millions of photos ! hard to select will be the issue and then I’d have to start a whole new thread on Scotland! :smiley:
Yes I attended one event the other day - my very first and it was a bit ahead of me but was most interesting. I couldn’t quite grasp all the words as the lady had a strong accent but I got the gist and understood the purpose of the training and what she was getting at and for the most part it all seemed ‘involved but straightforward’ (once you’ve learned all the ‘reasons why’ ! :smiley:
I decided to try to Academy as well as other learning videos inc Pantheon as then I can follow one path but expand and grow from other’s points of view too. So I hope a really thorough ‘basic training’ ! :smiley:
Thank you. I’ll attend more events of that I’m certain! :smiley:


Hi Vee @vee.vopham
Thanks yes I’ve asked in Slack and have got SO many tabs open in and Acquia and Pentheon etc that I’ve had to shut some down and organise the rest! But I’ve a multi pronged approach going on … the basic training from the Acquia Academy and then watching other videos and training (Pantheon) to help me learn how others approach it all too.
I ‘just’ need to find Dev Desktop 2 in order to proceed with their training (I’ve also now emailled Acquia too). I can ‘just’ pause on that section for now and carry on with the drupal training on Pantheon in the sandbox 2 practice sites that I am working on. But I would like to get drupal going on my computer as it seems such a fundamental part of the learning. I do understand that Lando can ‘substitute’ DevD but as I’m so new to it all I don’t want things to then ‘not work’ and have no clue as to why not ? ! :smiley: