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Work Out Loud - August 30-September 3

Happyyyy Monday friends! :wave:

Welcome to this week’s Work Out Loud thread! Work Out Loud is a weekly opportunity to share what we’re working on, who we’re meeting with, and what we’re doing in our free time! :clap:t5:

Welcome to our newest community members: @amyx @ryan.marks @haveboard @kklein1 @helgeb! You’re all cordially invited to participate in our Work Out Loud thread, this week and every week. :smiley: Let us know where in the world you are in the :world_map: :point_down:t5:

This week, I am…
:calendar: I am stepping into help our event marketing team with some upcoming community events like WPCampus, WordCampUS, DrupalCon NYC + DrupalConEU. Who else is attending and/or helping organize those camps? :heavy_heart_exclamation:

What I am Most Excited About
:film_strip: Another episode of Bolts n Bytes! Guys, this is an awesome opportunity to catch up with some of our awesome DevAdvocacy folks! And last week @fatima.khalid + @JohnRichardsII ran a giveaway! Speaking of…

If you have something or someone you would like us to give a shoutout to, drop it below! :arrow_down: This could be a big win for you or your team, someone who helped you in a big way, etc. We want to highlight all of the awesome work that happens in + outside of our community. If you don’t have anything to share, don’t worry --this is an informal time to connect + chat! :heart:

Your turn! Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • What are you working on this week?
  • Do you have any big wins you want to share? Anything you would like us to call out on Bolts n Bytes on Thursday morning?
  • What is motivating (or demotivating) you this week?
  • What are you learning? What would you like to learn?
  • Any good videos/podcasts/articles you can recommend?
  • Any upcoming travel plans you are super excited to share?

I nominate @ryan.marks @pauljmartinez @sparklingrobots @jose.castaneda @Laura @gremy to share :slight_smile:


This week, I am…
I’m working on a talk around website governance. I have a lot of experience with HiEd website governance but not other sectors. It has been really enjoyable going around and talking to people and learning how they view website governance.

It is evolving but right now here are the definitions I’m exploring.
What is Website Governance?

The human and technical systems, policies and procedures to manage website operations.

Why use Website Governance?

Offers peace of mind to focus on what matters and increased productivity through consistency at scale.

What I am Most Excited About
I spent all morning in a call queue and finally got through. I secured tickets for a Halloween event that sells out quick. It’s a hay ride through a cemetery where local actors dress up as figures buried there and tell their stories. It’s organized by a historian who does a ton of research to bring these nearly forgotten stories back to life.

A few years ago the mayor who put STL in lockdown during the influenza epidemic was one of the ghosts on the tour. It was wild to then see that story on the global stage as discussions of COVID responses came to the forefront.