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Work for Pantheon: Opportunities *YOU* Might Like!

Hello and Happy Friday. Pantheon has a number of open roles that some of you might be really interested in. Our Careers Page is up to date with All The Things (I really wanted an emoji there… :sadtrombone:) but I’m going to call out 3 positions in particular that one of you may excel at:

  1. Product Manager of CMS Ecosystem - This person will lead Pantheon’s work to make better integrations between Drupal, WordPress and Pantheon. Tools like our Advanced Page Cache module, Redis plugin and Build Tools Plugin are all examples of projects we would like to improve over time. If you’re the kind of person who understands this space and can help us produce the best possible tools for our customers, please apply!

  2. Product Manager of the site owner experience is another great opportunity to give our customers a great experience from signup to launch and beyond. We want someone to help us create thoughtful, intuitive experiences with an eye on product-driven growth and retention. If that’s you - apply!

  3. Senior Product Manager of the JavaScript Developer Experience is for anyone who may be passionate about decoupling WordPress and/or Drupal and wanting to make the best possible tooling for those teams. We want to solve delivery, maintenance, and automation challenges inherent in modern web stacks and need someone great to lead this work!

We’re hiring lots of other great positions as well so do check out our careers page for other matches. If you are a fit for any of the above, please apply! If you know someone who may be - please share!


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