WooCommrce XML-RPC

Has anyone else been able to connect the WooCommerce app to their Pantheon Hosted WooCommerce store? Been having issues and cannot figure out why it won’t connect.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi, @bmc2022! Thanks for reaching out! Just letting you know, I shared this in the #wordpress channel of our Community Slack + am also seeing if someone from our team can help. :slight_smile: If I hear back, I’ll definitely be sure to share any info/resources with you!

Total shot in the dark about the issue, but…

XML-RPC is blocked by default by the Pantheon WP upstream. The Docs have more about the workaround if the service is still needed. https://pantheon.io/docs/wordpress-best-practices#avoid-xml-rpc-attacks

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Hi again, @bmc2022! In regards to what @SteveRyan-ASU added (thanks Steve for weighing in here!), my team did confirm that if the app is dependent upon XML-RPC, we disable that out of the box on new WordPress sites because it’s commonly exploited as a security issue. You can re-enable it by editing your pantheon.yml file + removing it from the protected paths list. For more info on this, check out this doc: https://pantheon.io/docs/pantheon-yml#protected-web-paths-override