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WooCommerce Order Export - FTP

I have been trying to find a WooCommerce plugin that will allow me to automatically upload order data to an FTP account. I have tried a handful and have been unsuccessful at making any connections. I have been trying FTP as it appears that sFTP is not supported by host.

I get the error:

response: ftp_put(): Illegal PORT command.

Has anyone been successful with this?

Following up on this issue. I was able to successfully use a plugin called Store Exporter Deluxe for WooCommerce to send order data automatically from my WooCommerce store to an external FTP account.

I was able to jump around the above mentioned PHP error of illegal port by connecting in Passive mode.

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Thanks for sharing your solution Luke. I’m trying to figure out the best WC plug-ins so good to know which work best.

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