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Women in Tech Awards Recognizes Tara King, Developer Outreach Manager at Pantheon :pantheon:

If there is one thing I love, it is highlighting all of the amazing people who are part of our community! Those who are truly making an impact on & off the open web. :clap:

Today I get to recognize my dear friend and colleague @sparklingrobots, Developer Outreach Manager here at Pantheon. This week Tara took home the New Mexico Tech Council’s Women in Technology Emerging Leader Award :trophy: Tara brings a wealth of knowledge to the open source community & DEI space respectively and has been the driving force behind many of our thriving community programs. For those of you who don’t yet know Tara, you can learn a little more about her story here :arrow_down:

Please join me in congratulating @sparklingrobots for this awesome award & accomplishment!

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I had to do it! :slight_smile: So well deserved!

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