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What's your opinion on "Live" vs "Production"? [Pantheon UX Research]

Hey folks!

I am the newly hired Pantheon Sr. UX Researcher!

I’m looking to get a feel for the community here, and I’d like to kick it off with a poll, if you’re feeling froggy:

Some providers use the term “production”, (as in “push to production”) to describe a publicly accessible environment, while others use the term “live” - In your personal opinion, which term makes the most sense to use? “Live” or “Production”? Or does it honestly not impact you, either way?

Do you have an opinion on pushing code to “live” vs “production”?
  • I think pushing to “live” makes the most sense.
  • I think pushing to “production” makes the most sense.
  • I honestly don’t have an opinion one way or the other.

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Let me know what you think! I’d love to start doing some more regular research here!

Best Wishes
Kelly Gustainis
Lead Sr. UX Researcher


“production” is definitely the industry standard term in the webdev world, but I can see where “live” might be more obvious for people who are not developers. Since Pantheon’s dashboard already is geared towards people with a dev mindset, I’m on team production.

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Similarly. Production feels right to me b/c it’s familiar and less ambiguous.
But Live seems to work better for all my coworkers who have infrequent contact with the webdev team.

makes sense! (in the context of this topic) do you ever run into issues with naming instances? Are there ever any problems with abbreviating production into “prod” or “prd”?

I’ve only ever seen it abbreviated to “prod” before, so I haven’t run into that.

In our codebase, we don’t have separate /prod and /src folders, just an /assets folder, so that abbreviation isn’t tied to our workflow.

Thanks for asking! At Pantheon, “to production” is used less than “to live”, but both are used.

So, can I cheat and say “both”? Because looking at some other notable places, both are used. Examples:

This last link provides a helpful sentence that combines both: “Go live by merging the pre-production branch into the production branch.”

I don’t see a strong convention for using just one of the terms exclusively in describing Git-based workflows. I’d be curious to read if your research points to a different conclusion.

Re prod and prd, I mostly see prod.