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What is your preferred third-party SMTP gateway?

We all know that the best way to increase the deliverability of your emails sent from your website is to use a third-party SMTP gateway that can add extra layers of authentication (proving you’re not spam) and protection against being blacklisted. (Read Email on Pantheon for more info.)

In that doc we mention SendGrid for these transactional emails. I know some folks who use Mailchimp (Mandrill), Amazon SES, or the same SMTP gateway that you already use for sending and receiving emails. Personally, I’ve used MailGun for years and been pretty happy.

What service do you use and why? Do you use that for every project or just under certain conditions?


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I’m a few years, 2 dedicated IPs, and 50 domains into Mailgun and I like it a lot. The only issue I have with the platform is that there is not an API key per domain, but there are SMTP credentials per domain.

I’ve not used any other platform, short of SES for internal things.


I loved Mandrill back in the day but Mailchimp basically killed it :sob: No new features in recent years and you can’t really use it without a paid Mailchimp account anymore IIRC.

For my personal projects I use Mailgun, though I am keeping an eye out since they just eliminated their free plan and while I don’t do much volume through them that may impact my choices.

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Yeah, I noticed the free tier on MailGun is going away, but it seems like a pretty small change. Spending a buck each month is worth it for not having to manually set up Amazon SES. :wink:


I use SendGrid w/ the Drupal integration module for transactional stuff (password resets, etc). I use Amazon SES for bigger things, like sending out our digital edition of our magazine. I’m able to configure SES to send events (deliveries, bounces, opens, clicks, etc) to an SQS queue that I pull down in a cron job to update metrics reporting tables.

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