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What are you most #ThankfulFor this holiday season?

With the holidays upon us, I can’t think of a better time to reflect & share what matters most! We want to know what you’re most #ThankfulFor this year! Family, friends, food, that furry friend who steals your bed?

Share what you are most #ThankfulFor below & nominate a friend(s) to share too! :turkey: :fallen_leaf:

I’ll go first :point_down:

I am super #ThankfulFor my amazing family! I have 3 sisters: Lissa, Kimmy & Victoria & 2 brothers: Chris & Chris [yes, you read that right]. We are truly a modern day version of the Brady Bunch & honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. They are my biggest cheerleaders. They continually push me to be a better person, day in & day out. I could not imagine my life without them!

Here is a fun photo captured last year during Thanksgiving!

I nominate @sparklingrobots & @carolyn & @katie.richards [tag you’re it!]


Oh my, these are always fun! First off I am thankful for all my friends in the community. I am also crazy thankful for my family. Every day is a gift and having them around is the best gift ever (especially at Disney)!!! And my furry friend Tiger… my amazing cat that loves to sit on my keyboard.

I nominate @webidextrous and @royboy789


Thanks for sharing @sandy!

Theres not doubt about it, thats one pawsitvelyyyy adorable kitty! :cat::heart: I agree there is so much to be thankful for! I am also slightly jealous you get to frolic around Disney regularly! Its on my bucket-list to go to Disneyland for Christmas! :christmas_tree: One year!


I am so, so thankful for our flexible family - work - home situation. Both adults in our home are self-employed/work remotely and can schedule things around our kids and life. Our oldest is starting to realize how unique our family is and has recently told me how happy he is that his dad picks him up from school every day and he can do homework in my office.
Here’s a bonus picture of my turkeys off on an adventure

tag, you’re it: @finchproservices and @tessak22


All the feels @katie.richards :heart: Your three little turkeys are the cutest!! Especially your little man, Lincoln who quite literally stole my heart at our Marketing offsite earlier this year. Thank you for sharing this sweet, sweet photo!!


Every day I am #ThankfulFor my family and the dear friends I’ve been privileged to know. This year in particular has been so full, marrying my best friend and blending our families, and working with thoughtful, talented folks at Pantheon.

I feel lucky to be surrounded with family, friends and co-workers I admire, working hard to make the world just a bit better every day. (Thankful for adorable cats, too. :slight_smile: )


@carolyn I know I speak for the entire team when I say we are so LUCKY to have you on the team! :clap: Also congrats on marrying your best friend! That is always something worth celebrating thankfulness!


I cannot pick one; if this disqualifies me, that’s ok. I’ll still take the opportunity to show my gratitude for the three things that have kept 2019 from defeating my soul:

  • Home thanks will ever go to my husband, corny tho that sounds, because he is my home, and keeps my cheese from sliding completely off its cracker; he even manages to do so without making me feel as tho there is any alignment issue at all betwixt my cheddar and its Saltine. He is my hero.
  • Joy thanks go to my promotion. I received the new title of “Grandma” this year! I still have not chosen a “grandma name”, tho people in the office tell me it is the thing to do… I never had grandma names for my grandmas… it was always Grandma [Last Name - usually long and Polish] to their faces, or Grandma Food/Grandma Money when discussing them with the other grandkids… we knew which was which. :slight_smile: If anyone has any ideas for me that aren’t twee, I’d love to hear them. I figure I have until she can say something that isn’t only hums and vowels. :slight_smile:
  • Work gratitude goes to Pantheon, for sure. I still get tied in knots, as I have not the background for anything other than what I’ve had to do at work - my times in uni were spent majoring in music and medieval English lit. The amount of patience y’all have with me is beyond my comprehension. I would trade any number of body parts to get a slice of each of your brains - even the tiniest, “I’m on a diet so I really shouldn’t have any” slices would increase my knowledge exponentially. And, as I have mentioned before, just seeing the words “Greg Anderson is typing…” is enough to calm my nerves better than a handful of Xanax. [Quick edit] “Ed Reel is typing…” runs a very close second, for the record. You guys should snap @uberhacker up if you haven’t already. :slight_smile:

May you all have just the right amount of stuff in your life to be grateful for, and surprisingly less worry than you expected.


Thanks for sharing @justkristin! There’s no such thing as sharing too many blessings :heart:

For starters, I loved your analogy! :point_down:

keeps my cheese from sliding completely off it’s cracker

You’re such a great writer, I must add! Also congrats on earning the title of grandma–such an amazing feeling, I am sure! Maybe you can share some photos with us all soon?! If there are two things I love to see most in my feed it’s babies & puppies!

And +1 to @greg superpowers! He has been such a great resource for our community. And much like you, I wish I could steal a slither of his technical brain too! :nerd_face:

Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours! :turkey:


Yay! Love this @McKennaR!

I’m #ThankfulFor so much but right now I’m extra grateful for all the family & friends who are pitching in to help with our Thanksgiving feast. We’re hosting for the first time and it’s so nice to have their support.

Thankful also for the wonderful Pantheon community (both my Pantheor coworkers and my Pantheon/Drupal/WordPress community pals). I love getting to interact with y’all every day and feel so lucky that this is actually my job. :open_mouth:

I’m also thankful for any excuse to post pet pictures:

Tagging @dgorton & @dinarcon for their gratitude posts. <3


Love this, @McKennaR!

I’m so #thankfulfor the two that share my “coworking space” and keep me company every day, my husband and my dog! John makes me coffee every morning and lunch every afternoon. I am so fortunate to be able to work from home, especially with them! Here they are in a hammock during some warmer MN times:

I’m also very #thankfufor working with the Pantheon marketing team in 2019! What a fun ride it’s been! Here’s some of us hiking along the Mississippi… also during some warmer MN times: @dgorton @sam.creek @sparklingrobots @mmlc @steve.persch

Happy Thanksgiving, all!


Thanks for sharing @sparklingrobots :heart:

And look at that precious kitty :cat: King Ceasar on his throne [aka window seal per usual]. I must admit we have some pretty rad jobs, I am also super thankful for Pantheon & this opportunity!

Good luck hosting! YOU GOT THIS!


That was such a fun offsite! So incredibly thankful for you all too! :heart:

Also, Marley in the hammock :dog: I mean is there anything cuter than that! When it warms up in MN, I will gladly borrow Marley and re-create that photo, just saying!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all @kelsey.kenyon!


If anyone has any ideas for me that aren’t twee, I’d love to hear them.

I always liked my kid’s “Uma”, because who wouldn’t want to be a 5’11" brilliant actress?


Like everyone else, I’m definitely thankful for my family, my wife and son and I have such fun together and can be silly or just relax with some Lego’s and some music. I simply love the time I spend with them. I’m also very thankful that I switched my career 5 years ago and am SO much happier as a web developer and being able to hang with such an amazing community. I’m learning so much and it’s very rewarding. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here and hope your holidays are warm and enjoyable!

(Photo is us meeting Andrew Rea (Babbish) in San Francisco!)


Thanks for sharing @CodeChefMarc!

Your little guys is so adorable! And what a beautiful family! :slightly_smiling_face: I am curious what you did before you became a web developer! No worries on responding today, I am sure you’re winding down for Thanksgiving but would love to hear more about your journey sometime!

Happy Thanksgiving to you guys!!


Thanks for starting this thread @McKennaR and @sparklingrobots for nominating me!

I am #ThankfulFor family, friends, and being part of global communities. I am attending Drupal South at the moment. This is my first time in Tasmania, Australia and I have met so many welcoming people who share the same passion for Drupal. I have had similar experiences with WordPress and other communities. Building these tools together is super fun and a bond that connects us all.

Have a look at this cute camp’s logo: :wink:

Kudos to Pantheon for sponsoring the event. Pantheon++


Aw thanks!

I did computer support (mainly Apple Mac hardware/software support) for our local junior college for about 15 years or so. It was fun, but also had many challenges. I also did the department website as a “side thing” and it didn’t dawn on me until long into it that I wanted my entire career to be in web development! So, I’m glad I switched. :slight_smile:

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Oh my gosh, not sure how I missed this! Thanks for sharing @dinarcon :slightly_smiling_face:

I LOVE Australia! How was the event? What did you enjoy most about visiting Australia? I would love to see some photos of your visit!

Aw!!! That is a cute little devil! :slight_smile:

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