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What are "must cover" topics related to Drupal 8's Layout Builder feature?

I’m updating our Getting Started with Drupal 8 workshop to include a short section on Layout Builder. Here are some prompts to start thinking about this:

  • What are your feature features provided by Layout Builder?
  • What are the most important points about Layout Builder that people new to Drupal should know?
  • What topics about Layout Builder should I avoid talking about because they’re buggy or confusing?
  • What are the gotchas or other nice-to-knows about Layout Builder?
  • What are some really solid tutorials (videos or blogs) related to using Layout Builder?

Thank you for sharing your collective experience with the community and helping new users get up to speed more quickly! :sunny:

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One thing I’d point out that bit us is that whenever you add something that has a form to a layout, it breaks the layout so you can’t save it.


Feedback from the community provided to me directly (more or less pasted verbatim):

Topics to cover


  • Bootstrap themes don’t play nice with Layout Builder.
  • Forms (webforms, etc.) - there is a bug that prevents saving the layout if a form block in on the layout
  • LB stores its code in the page instead of in code. If my learning is correct, it’d be ‘bad’ for high traffic/short cache pages.
    • @bsnodgrass says below that this is only true if the layout is customized for a particular entity

Other good to knows / learning resources

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Some references to the problems items would be helpful.

IDK what is meant by the third Problems list item, “LB stores its code in the page instead of in code.” As far as I can tell this is only true if the layout is customized for a particular entity.

Also, I haven’t tried yet but researching the first Problem bullet a bit I found this which may help Bootstrap with Layout Builder.


Thanks, Bob! When I posted these questions on Slack I gave people the option to post here or just reply to the thread. To respect the privacy of those who shared in threads I decided to post their suggestions here without credit or links to their messages.

Unfortunately, I also have not validated that all of their claims or resources are good. Thank you for sharing your experience and research to make this information better!

I added your feedback to my post!

Another thing that just bit us is that when you try to manage the layout for a content type that has a Paragraph field, there is a fatal error and you cannot do it.

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Adding this note to help me learn more, but also share with anyone else going through this right now.

Today, after delivering a session on Layout Builder, someone asked how they would build out all of the “discrete” pieces that that they’re used to in Paragraphs. I didn’t know the answer, but someone in the audience shared that they’ve been using Custom Block Types.

I’ve asked for them to share more details so that I can learn more specifics about how this is working for them.