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What actually happens with a deployment?

I’m curious about what actually happens when you do a terminus env:deploy. Most (~95%) of our audience is anonymous, so I’m sure they’re not impacted since they’re seeing the edge cache, but I was wondering how graceful a deployment is for our authenticated traffic?

@purdy I reached out to our product team and this is what they responded with:

  1. deploy the code to the appserver from the code server
  2. update the pantheon yaml
  3. sync the code to the right branch
  4. converge the appserver/s (makes sure all the things in the container are to the specification they are supposed to be)
  5. take screenshot of the site to display on dashboard

Another thing to add, is during a deployment, a git tag is created for the environment you are deploying, which is how our git workflow works in test and live. As long as you are not making database changes, your authenticated users shouldn’t feel a deployment much.

Also worth noting that you can hook into the deploy platform workflow to run a script of your choice. We call it Quicksilver Platform hooks:

You can find some example scripts in this repo: