We're Back! BoltsNBytes SE02EP01: WordPress 5.9 Update + Pantheon Gift of Open Source 2021

Hi everyone! I’m Tearyne Almendariz, one of the new Developer Advocates at Pantheon, and I’m excited to share that Pantheon’s Community and product show, #BoltsNBytes, is back!

Join us for our first episode of 2022. This week, John Richards introduces Jose Castaneda and myself as new co-hosts. Along with Drupal and WordPress community and event updates, we’ll review the Wordpress 5.9 update and the results of Pantheon’s Gift of Open Source event!

Another note is that BoltsNBytes’ release schedule has changed — episodes will be released every other Thursday at 9AM PST!

What are topics would you like to see us cover this quarter? If you tweet about the show, make sure to use the hashtag #BoltsNBytes!


I’d been procrastinating on learning about 5.9 but feel really well informed now. Thanks to @chris.reynolds for dropping knowledge on this episode of Bolts N Bytes!


Huzzah! :tada:
There’s a blog post to go with it, too. :grin:


This is amazing! Thank you all for sharing! :clap: Excited to tune into the next one!


I’m so amped for tomorrow’s episode! :slight_smile: Couch Coding is coming back!


Seriously, the same!

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