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WebOps Wednesday - Interested in Sharing Your Personal and/or Professional Experience with the Community?

Happy Friday everyone! :wave:t5:

We have been running WebOps Wednesday here in our forum for quite some time! In fact, it’s likely many of you have either jumped in to host one or popped in to ask some questions.

What is WebOps Wednesday You Ask?

WebOps Wednesday is an opportunity for you to share your personal & professional experience with us! What you do for a living, how you got started on the web, what you enjoy outside of work, your greatest superpower. What you choose to share is up to you! These AMAs happen in our forum weekly & only require about 30 mins of your time. In addition to hosting the AMA in our forum, your story will also be highlighted across our social channels. You know, so you can share how awesome you are with all of your friends & colleagues too :slight_smile:

Interested in hosting a WebOps Wednesday AMA? Drop a comment below or shoot me a DM on Slack & we can chat! Here are some of the dates we are looking to find hosts for:

  • Wednesday August 4th
  • Wednesday August 11th
  • Wednesday August 18th
  • Wednesday August 25th
  • Wednesday September 1st
  • Wednesday September 8th