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WebOps Wednesday AMA: Sandy Edwards

Hey, y’all! My name is Sandy Edwards, and I’m a Hero here at Pantheon and owner of Data Driven Labs. My role at Data Driven Labs is to promote and assist the development teams to project success. When I am not ensuring client and project success I am in the WordPress community working with Youth Programs to facilitate an age-inclusive environment.

I’ve been in and around the WordPress community for about 8 years, though I really dove in around 2015 when I started attending WordCamps. I love helping people with new opportunities, engaging companies and making new friends. I am hoping to attend a Drupal event this year and even dive into Drupal a bit from a development angle.

Outside of WordPress and the tech community as a whole, I enjoy playing guitar, singing, and cooking. I love Disney and try to get to the parks at least once a week, but usually more. I also really enjoy building with LEGO.

Ask me anything! Community, youth programs, WordPress, Drupal, Disney history, favorite cheese…it’s all game.

Hi Sandy!

Have you had an opportunity to use WordPress on Pantheon with modern front end development workflows where things like theme assets (JS, CSS, images etc) are built, but not tracked with version control?



I sure have! I love the control the Pantheon workflow provides. Especially being able to use Git and have all my work version controlled (I haven’t had it not track anything though). I have been using Pantheon for over 3 years now and I love it!

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That’s the thing I’m hung up on really, versioning assets means merge conflicts galore, which are a pain when multiple developers work on the same project, and a CSS map file prevents a merge from taking place.

Otherwise, all positive experiences so far with Pantheon.

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Hi, Sandy! Welcome!

Your company is called “Data Driven Labs” – I love that name. :slight_smile: Can you tell us how you use data for your clients? What can you suggest for companies wanting to get started with data-driven decisions?

We are HUGE data nerds! We focus on using tools like Google Analytics to inform website design, SEO and even paid ad spends. Everything we focus on for clients comes back to the data and we use it to help catapult small businesses into online success. Most small business owners are not aware that Google Analytics is free and can really help them increase profits and their online focus.


Building with Lego is so incredibly soothing and meditative for me. What is next on your Lego buy and/or build list? I’ve been eying the tree house, the leaves are spectacular!

I love the Treehouse too, but I have had my eye on the ship in the bottle since it launched. It won’t be out much longer, but my birthday is in January so I have my fingers crossed. Other than that I love the Creator Expert village sets. We have a whole town practically. The newest building is a bookstore and I love to read so that is also calling my name.


The bookshop looks incredible! We’re currently renovating our basement and have plans for shelves especially built to hold the modular series. They’ve taken over my house!

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Hi Sandy! :wave:

I am so glad I got the chance to meet you at WordCamp US! You are just a ball of inspiration & energy! I know I speak for the rest of the team when I say we are super excited to have you as one of our beloved #PantheonHeroes! :pantheon:

I see you play guitar! What kind of guitar do you have? I have a 6 string & 12 string. Although I definitely cannot play the 12 string! I blame my little fingers for not being able to hold it correctly. Picking up guitar is a tough one! I am still honestly trying to figure out finger placement. I actually used to play the violin so I figured eh this can’t be too different!

Also DISNEY!? I am totally obsessed! Weeks later and here I am still spending Friday, Saturday & Sunday night on the couch binging on all the Disney classics [thanks Disney :heavy_plus_sign: ]

Do you have a favorite Disney movie or character? Thanks for sharing this week!

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Okay so I learned on a Jay Jr which is one of those cheap learning guitars. I upgraded about 5 years ago to a Martin. It was the best investment I ever made. I only own the one 6 string, but I do play Dulcimer when at my Uncles house. He introduced me to all kinds of blue grass instruments. I love Bluegrass and country music!

As for Disney, my favorite
Princess: Snow White
Villain: Ursula
Animated Character: Buzz Lightyear
Movie: Mary Poppins
Super Hero: Iron Man
Star Wars Character: Hans Solo

I think that covers most of the Disney Cinema side… I could do favorite Park facts, rides, etc… but that could take all day. :slight_smile:


That is AWESOME! :clap: I am also a huge fan of bluegrass & country! One of the main reasons I moved to Nashville a few years ago! Lots of excellent musicians & music!

And oh man those are all good ones! I just realized how unprepared I am to name my faves. I guess today is better than ever to start thinking about my favorites!

I am still over here super jealous that you’re at Disney! I am now living in Arizona & make my way there pretty often. I will have to let you know sometime so I can hear all of your favorite park facts & rides!

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Because I am in Orlando and only 45 minutes from the parks I get the honor of going a lot. Disneyland is so very different and I haven’t been yet. I am hoping to get there this year or next though! I am fascinated by the history of Walt and Roy and how the parks even came to be. It was just an idea so Walt had a place to take his family and watch his kids play. So awesome!

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Ohhhh I was totally thinking Disneyland not Disneyworld. Two completely different experiences! I am lucky enough to have been to both! Nothing like Disney to bring the outer kid in you :slightly_smiling_face:

Well if I ever make it your neck of the woods the offer still stands!