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WebOps Wednesday AMA: Rowan Weathers - Ask me about Calligraphy, Dancing, Jazz Improvisation, or Code (:

Hiya, I’m Rowan Weathers and I am a Senior Developer at Nice Touch. We are a small team of 7 who specialize in design, marketing/SEO, web/app development, photography, and video production in Portland, Oregon.

My days are spent creating WordPress themes and plugins as well as performing accessibility reviews. Well, I guess that’s how I’d say it if I were trying to be professional. Personally, I prefer more colorful language. So let’s just say that I write the codes and carry the bugs safely back to the wilderness. There, now doesn’t that sound so much better?

I mainly write HTML, CSS, PHP, and ES6+. I like to write extremely clean, machine-testable code composed of many small parts that do one thing well. I prefer the bouncer pattern over nesting levels of any depth. I like functions that only return values of a single type. I get extremely suspicious of any code that contains a singleton. I throw more exceptions than some fancy sports ball player throws sports balls. I use Visual Studio Code, even though I have a feeling that it’s really three word processors stacked inside a trench coat. And, just in case you were wondering, two spaces over tabs wins the day for me in all languages (:

If you want to know more about me, please view my Instagram Profile.
Hint: It’s not just pictures, I write lots of words there too.

Feel free to ask me anything …that doesn’t involve math!

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Hi Rowan! :wave: Thanks for sharing!

That has got to be my favorite re-quote + explanation of work of all time!! The real question is this – when you are not helping carry all the bugs safely back to the wilderness what do you enjoy doing in your free time?
:bug: :cricket: :beetle: :butterfly: :snail: :honeybee:

Also, I would love to learn more about how you got into the work you are doing today. Was it something you always aspired to be, or did it just kind of happen naturally? Learning how people got started is my favorite! :clap:

I might be the LAST person to ask a math question so you’re safe from me :grin:

I DO want to ask about calligraphy! Do you do it as a hobby? How did you start?


Hello @katie.richards,

Thanks for asking (:

It’s pretty much a hobby, I guess. I don’t ever sell my artwork anymore. I had to stop due to all of the pressure. I like to make various things as a means of self-care and applying the pressure of “Complete n pieces by this date” was in direct conflict with the therapeutic aspects that creating can provide.

I started calligraphy about 8 or 9 years ago. I was inspired by the Hebrew language which I find beautiful. I even studied it for a while. Once I developed a little bit of skill, I decided to switch to English because I didn’t want to appropriate culture of a group to which I did not belong. I mainly write Blackletter scripts. I started with Old English and then later learned Fraktur and Insular letter forms. Today I mix all three of these styles together into a mashup all of my own. I absolutely love it!

A few tips:

  • Where to learn: Youtube
  • Hardest part: not gripping the pen too tightly.
  • Second hardest part: Finding paper that does not bleed with my pens.
  • Bestest Part: It’s a unique skill that makes me feel special.
  • Worstest part: People on the internet make memes about people winning hand writing competitions which I completely do not understand. I have very nice handwriting and it is not a bad thing!

Hope you’re having a wonderful day (:

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I agree with @McKennaR about the quote. Fantastic!

And I love two spaces over tabs !

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