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WebOps Wednesday AMA: McKenna Regets

Hi everyone! :wave:

My name is McKenna Regets, Community Coordinator here at Pantheon. Although I have been working as a Marketing contractor for some time now, I officially became a Pantheor last month! :pantheon:

My passion for connecting with existing community members & building new relationships is what landed me in this role. But sharing my love for Pantheon both online and offline, amongst many other qualities, was a close second!

When I am not building community, you will most likely find me jet-setting around the world. Forty-eight states and 20+ countries to be exact! :airplane: In fact, I recently had the opportunity to travel to St. Louis, Missouri for WordCamp US. My first WordCamp I must add! And let me tell you, I loved every minute of it!

Interested in learning more about community management? Dying to hear my thoughts on WCUS? Or just looking to talk travel? I am all ears! Ask me anything!

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Hi @McKennaR, I’m glad you enjoyed your first WordCamp US! What surprised you about that event, the community, or anything else?

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Hi @steve.persch!

That’s an excellent question. My first experience at WordCamp US was definitely an unforgettable one! In addition scoring some valuable face time with our Heroes, I had the opportunity to pop into a few sessions and learn some new things! Like how to scale your ecommerce business using automations, (delivered by Beka Rice) which I found quite intriguing.

However, what really stood out to me about WCUS was just how warm & welcoming everyone was. I had the opportunity to meet tons of new people, from all different walks of life. Developers, marketers, designers, travel bloggers, mom & pop store owners. I could go on for days! It was their stories that made my experience at WCUS extra special. Being at WCUS was like seeing our WebOps story in the works, which was really powerful.

Over all, WCUS made me realize just how powerful the WordPress community is & how lucky I am to be part of it! I am already counting down the days until WCUS 2020 :clap:


Thank you for taking time to answer questions today! I’d love for you to tell me about something new you’ve learned about community building lately, small or big

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Hi Katie!

That is also a great question! As you know, community gives us a sense of place and belonging. It allows us to connect with people from all backgrounds, who share similar experiences, values, hobbies, motivations etc. (both personal and professional). In addition, online communities are also a great place for knowledge sharing, building new relationships & expanding your networks–although that’s just skimming the surface.

Community has been embedded in each of us & now organizations all over the world are jumping on board. Launching advocacy programs & building online communities. Why? Because at the core of it all people matter most! Can I get an amen for those customer obsessed organization out there :raised_hands: Yes Pantheon, I am looking at you!

In my opinion the secret ingredient to running a successful, thriving and engaged community is authenticity. Being able to meet your community where they are & actively listen to what they want & need is essential. In fact, it is their feedback and recommendations that oftentimes shape and/or solidify product decisions. Not to mention the weight they carry in the marketplace when it comes recommending a product or service. Our customers/community are truly our greatest asset. And in my opinion the most important!

Anyways, I could go on for days about the benefits of community–both personally & professionally. But hopefully this helps paint a pretty picture of why I chose to shift my career to building world-class, customer obsessed online communities!

Hi @McKennaR it was great to meet you at WCUS. The Heroes party was a blast. Thank you and everyone involved in making it happen!

After traveling to so many places, are there any favorites? Do you have any advice for someone who would like to do the same? If you work remotely while traveling, do you have any recommendations to remain productive and focused on the go?


Hey! I wanna know what your next travel destination is & why. :smiley:

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Hi @dinarcon :slight_smile:

It was great to meet you at WCUS as well! Thanks for dropping in & asking a question!

Gosh, where do I start! I’ve been to so many amazing places over the years, it’s really hard to pick just one. Dubai definitely ranks near the top of the list! The architecture was great, the locals were friendly & I even got to take a selfie with a camel while walking along the beach. In fact, I am going to have to find that photo and share it with you!

When it comes to just getting started with traveling, I would say finding an online community to plug into is a must. I am actually part of a Facebook group called GLT (Girls Love Travel). Everyone in that community is really encouraging & helpful when it comes to asking for travel recommendations. I am sure they have a group like that out there for guys like you who want to begin traveling! Before taking off, I always do some research. Is the country relatively safe to wander alone after dark (a lot of gov. sites provide crime rates, etc.)? Do I need a travel Visa? What are the hostels like? What are my transportation options? I’ve got a pretty hefty check list! Happy to share it with you if you would like!

To address balancing productivity with traveling abroad, I always find that to be an easy one personally. Since the majority of professional career I’ve had the opportunity to work remotely, I have become really great at balancing the two! I would recommend finding a local coffee shop, or a somewhat quiet place to plugin in and get work done. I am also a big fan of finding beach bars & bringing my own hotspot along so I can sit on the beach and do some work. I mean what else is better than that? Now time differences can be tough, but as long as you set clear expectations with your leaders & they are supportive that shouldn’t stop you from wandering here and there.

Speaking of travel, where is next on your bucket list!? :airplane:

Hello from Europe @sparklingrobots :wave:

I might add, I am still jealous you’re adventuring around without me! Where are you at currently? My next trip is going to be a sister trip! My little sister Kimmy hasn’t done much international travel, so we figured it was only fitting to surprise her with a trip (shhhhh don’t tell her). We are thinking either Greece or Italy. Although somewhere in the Caribbean doesn’t sound too shabby either right now! I guess you’re going to have to stay tuned to see where we land :slight_smile:

Speaking of traveling, here are few of my favorite photos! :slight_smile: Still looking for that epic camel selfie though!

ARUBA :beach_umbrella:

SCOTLAND :sunrise_over_mountains:

LAVENDER FIELDS :sunflower: (sadly there are not lavender emojis)


Awesome! Yes, it would be great to share travel check lists. I have done some traveling myself mostly in USA and Europe. Next in my bucket list is Australia. One of the places I have liked the most is Iceland. I hope to go back for Summer Soltice DrupalCamp next year.

Currently, I am not a member of an online travel community, but I should! I do follow some travel blogs and sites like to give me an idea of how and where to travel.

Yes, time zones can be challenging even at home. I am used to working with clients in Europe and that is an 8+ hours difference already. Clear expectations and a supportive environment goes a long way in getting the job done no matter where you or your clients are.

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Iceland? That is on my bucket list! Maybe I can convince @sparklingrobots to send me to Summer Soltice DrupalCamp next year :slight_smile: A girl can dream!

I will definitely share my travel check list with you! I will DM you in slack! Feel free to share any fun travel photos you have on hand too here!

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Currently in Antwerp. Coming back to the States tomorrow. :crying_cat_face:

What an awesome sister gift!!

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Haha these photos are so you. Love it!

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Oh my gosh, so fun!! Share some of your photos! :slight_smile: I am dying to hear all about your adventures!

Me + windmill =

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Love it!! Your caption also made my day! haha