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WebOps Wednesday AMA: Katy Gray

My name is Katy Gray, and I oversee Social Media efforts here at Pantheon! I love tailoring our content to engage our audiences and connect with people in one of the places they spend time the most!

I believe that most, if not all, products fulfill a need for someone, somewhere, and the ability to reach & convert them online through content marketing is one of the most amazing feats that’s come to fruition during my lifetime. It’s what first sparked my interest in digital marketing.

Having had numerous experiences struggling to publish content as a marketer in a developers’ world, I’m a huge fan of WebOps & agile workflows!

Outside of work, I have my hands (& heart!) full with the arrival of my newborn daughter. I also enjoy taking time to attend art fairs & visit farmers’ markets, and more excitingly, race autocross in my Mazda rx8.

Connecting via content, new parenting tips, or apexing corners - Ask me anything!



Thanks for sharing @katy.gray! :yellow_heart:

For starters, your little one is absolutely adorable! Those big blues eyes get me every single time–what a gem! :baby:

Also, how cool that you race autocross! That is super intense! What made you want to get into something like that? And is that your car in the photo!

Also for the sake of social, what is your favorite app to use–just for fun!

Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself! :heart_decoration:

Can you share a little more detail about this? What have some of the struggles been in the past? How has WebOps changed things?

:open_mouth: Cool! How often are you able to race? Where do races like this usually happen?

I love when I see Mia make an appearance during a zoom call. :heart:

There are a lot of enterprise apps for managing multiple social accounts, but are there any you would recommend for individual use?

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I’m excited to hear more about autocross racing! I don’t know anyone else who does that and its incredibly fascinating to me!

Mia is SUPER adorable and seems to be an incredibly chill baby. What’s the biggest parting lesson you’ve learned so far?

Hi McKenna!

Thank you :revolving_hearts: I’m an obsessed first-time mom! It’s been amazing to see what new things she learns each day.

As far as racing goes, my dad raced late models, so I grew up around the sport. Little did I know, my future husband would be equally obsessed! He got me to participate in my first event a few years ago. That is one of our two rx8’s :grin:

My favorite app…they’re all great for different reasons! Personally, I’ll say Instagram & professionally, Linkedin!


Ooh I have another question. One of my personal initiatives for this year is to grow my writing skills. I’d love advice on writing content that connects with an audience. Are there any tips or resources you recommend?

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That is AMAZING! I wish I had a cool hobby like that to match but I don’t! haha You will have to share more racing photos with us all :slight_smile: I am sure there is someone in our forum who shares the same passion & love for autocross as you!

Thanks again for popping in to share a little about yourself! :yellow_heart:


Hi David,

Sure! As many of us know, the website is the most powerful digital asset and is the foundation for social media efforts. I’ve worked with several companies that don’t have an internal web team and many think that because I know what should be done, I can execute the changes. WebOps has given me the platform to best explain that it takes marketers and developers coming together & iterating regularly to achieve the greatest results!

With racing, our entire summer is usually booked with events—racing most weekends! Autocross events often take place in airport parking lots or wherever there’s room to fit a course. We have three clubs in Indiana that we race with and occasionally head over to IL! :racing_car: :dash:

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Thank you, John :grin:

Yes, there are SO many apps available to manage social accounts! For individual use, I think Hootsuite’s free version is worth looking into if you’re wanting to connect 3 social profiles or less.

To your second question, Hooray for wanting to grow your writing skills! :clap:

To strike a chord with your audience, I suggest determining what problem they are looking to solve and finding a way to appeal to their emotions when presenting a way to solve it. With social, the highest converting posts are those that include value-oriented messaging; almost always, outperforming posts that talk about features & benefits.

Developing the mindset to produce that type of messaging is something I’m continuously working at and would be happy to discuss with you further!


Hi Katie!

Autocross is surprisingly easy to get into! You can readily find local events online, and in my experience, autocrossers are extremely welcoming to newcomers. I’ve seen everything from high-end sports cars to family sedans raced at events. The best part is that you can take it as seriously as you want to, or just do it for fun. I encourage anyone interested in getting behind the wheel to try it out at least once! :grinning:

Thank you for your sweet words about Mia! :heart: It’s true! I’ve been blessed with a very chill baby. The biggest thing I’ve learned is to put down my phone, disconnect, and appreciate the moments with her. She’s already growing fast :weary:. I will say that having a little one definitely puts things in perspective and makes you realize what’s important!

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Hi @katy.gray! Thanks for sharing some of your story and especially for sharing pics of your sweet girl. :heart:

Social media has changed our kids’ worlds in so many ways I did not expect and couldn’t have predicted, both for good and bad. As a new parent with an expert’s view of that world, I wonder how you look at kids and social media. What are the things from which you hope she’ll benefit in that virtual world?

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Hi Carolyn!

That’s a great question! It’s definitely a different time than it was when I was growing up in the 90’s! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t apprehensive about the potentially negative effects social media could have on my child, and it’s something I’ve already put some thought into.

I’m confident that with proper supervision and guidance, the internet and social media can help kids grow, explore their interests, and express themselves positively. I’ll encourage my daughter to spend her time online learning about something that truly interests her. If it can envoke her entrepreneurial spirit or spark interest in a web-based career, I’m all for it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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OMG, that’s the cutest baby!


Thank you! :blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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