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WebOps Wednesday AMA: Jordana Fung

Hey there!
My name is Jordana Fung and I am an Engagement Manager for the Professional Services team at Pantheon. I am working on the Managed Updates team and work on client communications and process and project management.

I live in Paramaribo, Suriname - a country on the Northern coast of South America where we speak Dutch. We identify as Caribbean and have a multicultural population of 500K or so.

I have been on for almost 12 years(!) but started being more active in the community around 2015 when I went to my first drupal event, DrupalCamp Florida. This was especially important to me as before I loved Drupal but this is when I fell in love with the community.
Since then I’ve enjoyed mentoring, speaking, volunteering and helping organize events.

I am also a volunteer member of the Drupal Community Working Group.

Going to events and engaging with the community have only added to my passion for communication and community relations and for helping people do well and the sharing of knowledge and ideas. I try to read and learn about communication and self development and have had some talks about it at Drupal events.

This year will be my first time going to a WordCamp in Miami, so I am very much looking forward to that and any tips are very much welcome.

I also very much enjoy good food, good wine and beer, traveling and meeting new people and enjoying new experiences. I’ve met wonderful people that have helped push me out of my comfort zone and I have always been grateful for the experiences.
I love adventuring!

Ask me anything!

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What are the common pitfalls of keeping a Drupal or WordPress site updated?

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Hi Mark!
Thanks for joining in the AMA. That’s a great question!
I think some of the common pitfalls would be when they don’t have a proper process in place to test and roll back changes. Incidentally both things that Pantheon has great solutions for.
Pantheon has multiple environments for you to do your development and testing in where you don’t have to mess with live until you are ready to go. They also have one click backups for your files and database and for enterprise clients also have this great feature called multidevs that can basically create snapshots for you that are much, much quicker to restore to than traditional backups.
What do you think - do you have any pitfalls you’d like to add or have any tips on updates?


Thanks Jordana!

I agree that having proper testing procedures in place is the most common issue that I see. Far too many teams do a simple smoke-test of the home page, deploy the change, and then hope & pray that none of the executives find an issue later. Not ideal, to say the least.

I think that having a consistent testing procedure for every deploy can go a long ways for most teams. (Log in, create content of type A, type B, etc, edit existing content, update a view, log out). Teams should modify something like this to meet their needs as they develop or identify functionality that may be fragile.

What does Managed Updates to test “my site” different from another site that’s also using Managed Updates?



Hi @jordana :wave:

Thanks for sharing with us! I am also quite the traveler myself :slight_smile: Forty eight states & 20+ countries myself. I wish I knew some Dutch–maybe you can teach me some day! My sisters husband who is from Aruba speaks Papiamento [Spanish Creole language with admixtures of Portuguese and Dutch, spoken on the Caribbean islands of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao].

Where is your favorite place to travel to? Better yet, what is on your bucketlist for 2020? :airplane:

Thanks for the awesome reply Mark!
That would absolutely be a great way of testing especially back-end functionality.

The Managed Updates service that Pantheon provides Visual Regression Testing (VRT) for multiple pages for the websites that use our service. VRT basically scans the sites and make sure there aren’t any visual differences on the pages it tests, but can also disqualify differences such as dynamic content and slideshows that can give false positives.
We also create backups and multidev snapshots to ensure that there are rollback options that are quick and painless if there is ever a need to do so.


Hi Mckenna!
Thanks for joining in!
Wowsers! You sound like you have some kick-ass travel stories! We definitely need to share!
I would love to teach you Dutch. In Suriname we also have a language that is like Papiamento, but local to us which is called Sranan. Sranan is also referred to as Surinamese. Sranan is the word for Suriname, so you might also here it when we speak about our country. It is a mix of the different creole languages together with Spanish, Portuguese, English and Dutch. (We had a lot of European colonists come around)

I love traveling to Europe to be honest - there is so much still to see and do and taste! But where I definitely want to go and plan on going in 2020 is Iceland. There will be a DrupalCamp Iceland in June and it’s definitely something I’ve been waiting for since the last one a few year ago - try to join me!

What’s your favorite place to travel to and where do you want to go in 2020?

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That is awesome! I did not know where Surinamese really originated so that is really interesting. How easy is it to pick up the language?

And yes to sharing all my travel stories! I recently started an Instagram to share all my fun travel photos :slight_smile: If you have IG, you should follow! My travel account is: twntysomethingtravls :airplane: Now if I could only share my photos more consistently!

And YES to Iceland! Also on my bucket list of travels! We should totally meet up on that trip [if I can make it work]!

Yay for trying for Iceland!
Dutch is not that easy to be honest - it’s slightly less hard than German :thinking:
Sranan is somewhat easier, as many immigrants that don’t speak English or Dutch learn that faster - it was a language that was started so that people from many different places could communicate with each other.
But to be honest, in Suriname and most of the Caribbean English is widely spoken and understood (when it’s not their main language ofc).

What’s the best restaurant you’ve been to or meal you’ve had lately?

Ooh good question.
My friend made some home made Udon soup that was pretty amazing.
And in SFO I recently went to a Korean bbq place that was also very good - Brothers Restaurant on Greary Blvd.
I try to save all places I enjoyed in Maps under a list of that place, so that I can refer back to it or give tips later :slight_smile:

I know who I’m calling next time I’m headed to a new city!! :smiley:

Yay, I can’t wait to see you! The diversity & enthusiasm of the WordPress community is really awesome to experience in person.

What are your favorite resources for becoming a better communicator & community member?

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Yay Tara! I am so happy to have you as my WordCamp buddy :slight_smile:
Thanks for the great question.
A lot of the stuff I read and listen to that have helped me the most are about empathy, vulnerability , communication and listening better.
Some books/talks resources that are pretty awesome:

  • Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life - Marshall Rosenberg
    (This is a wonderful way of communication that gives a different perspective and different options on how we interact with each other daily and how we sometimes add so much emotion and judgement without realizing it)
  • Gifts of Imperfection - Brene Brown
    (Brene Brown changed my life lol.)
  • The Power of Vulnerability - Brene Brown
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen R. Covey
    (tbh - I haven’t read all of it, but it is full of great quotes - my favorite and general motto of the CWG “Listen first to understand, then be understood”)
  • Decisive - Chip & Dan Heath
    (Why we do what we do, our biases and decision making process and how to help bring your point across better)
  • The Happiness Advantage - Shawn Achor
    (Why we should work on happiness before we should be working on success)
  • Julian Treasure - 5 Ways to Listen Better (TED Talk)
    (This was a nice simple and good video)
  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck - Mark Manson
    (For self preservation and knowing what is worth your time and spoons)
  • Tatiana Mac’s presentations
    (a great perspective on privilege and biases)
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Amazing! My reading list just exploded, thank you. <3

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