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WebOps Wednesday AMA: Eunnice Lee - Ask me about my favorite professors I never had, active listening skills, or anything else!

Hello there (in my best Tabitha Brown voice). My name is Eunnice Lee (pronounced yoo-niss), and I am a Strategic Partner Manager at Pantheon.

I spend my days at Pantheon coming up with creative ideas for how to drive value for our top agency partners so we can continue to succeed together while driving long term predictable revenue for both parties. I call it a win-win-win: our agency partners win, Pantheon wins, and our shared customers win!

I have been in this role for over 6 months; while that may seem short, the team is brand new, and I love being able to experiment with strategy and implementation while helping build out scalable processes.

I am based in Manhattan, NY, after spending shy of 5 years in San Francisco (working in tech, shocker!) and growing up in Long Island, NY.

When I’m not working, I am working on a 1000 piece puzzle (edges first, always) eating pizza while drinking a green juice (I call it balance), walking around Gramercy Park asking dog owners to pet their furry friends, and dreaming of my next trip to Costco (Kirkland Signature FTW).

In January of 2020, I traveled to Israel then hopped over to Singapore before returning back to NYC in time for lockdown. Hands down one of the best trips of my life.

Ask me anything! If you need inspiration, you can start with any of the following:

  • My time living in Buenos Aires when I was 5 years old
  • My mother’s Korean food I look forward to eating when seeing her in Long Island
  • My favorite authors/professors for books on behavioral economics and consumer psychology
  • How my 2-year-old-like tendencies lead to relationship building
  • My irrational need to hear “bless you” after I sneeze
  • Why I do a double take every time I see a taller bald man
  • How to maximize your ROI on Pantheon :slight_smile:

Hey @eunnice :wave:

Thanks for sharing! I am dying to know–SF or NYC? Choose wisely :wink: No but really, I am super curious to learn more about how you got into the relationship management. Have you always worked on this side of the business? What tactics have you found helpful in building relationships, managing those relationships and ultimately strengthening those relationships? Working in community that is definitely the goal! So I would love to hear your thoughts!

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I have so many questions for you Eunnice :star_struck:

I’m a Costco junkie as well. What’s an item you would recommend I try? I’m a sucker for their pre-cooked bacon. Bacon is tasty but I hate cleaning up the greasy mess so this was a game changer.

I’m a huge fan of Korean food thanks to my best friend in college getting me hooked. I made some beef bulgogi Monday night. What dish do you crave that your mom makes? What vegetable and cut do you prefer for your kimchi? (if you like it at all)

So glad you are on the team because you bring so much joy to your work. I really appreciate how you work to improve our relationships with partners. My question here is how do you approach negotiating conflict while building relationships with partners?

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SF vs NYC is VERY difficult for me to choose. On the one hand, I get nicer weather all year round with SF, but I also realize I do love the seasons and having that as a sense for the passage of time. I was lucky enough to build a family I chose (what I call friends :slightly_smiling_face: ) while in SF, but I’m also lucky to have 2 sisters in the Bay Area and my mom in NY!

I admittedly love eating at later hours of the night, and NYC is very conducive for that. I’m looking forward to traveling to Spain where 11pm dinners are the norm.

As far as building relationships, my father was an engineer, and I’m an extrovert by definition. So, client-facing + problem-solving is in my blood :wink: My favorite aspect of building relationships is constant curiosity (hence my reference to acting like a 2-year old). I love asking “why?” after everything. Understanding the reasoning behind why anyone makes a statement is integral in relationship building, and adds credibility. And bringing it back full circle and presenting creative solutions makes everything worthwhile!

Working in community is never something I’ve done - I’m definitely a 1:1 nurturer, but I’d love to enhance my ability in congregating people with a common goal.


Oh man, I just got my boyfriend two 3-packs of the 32 degrees men’s t-shirts (one set in black, the other in white) and he was initially skeptical and now wears them every day :laughing:

Cooking bacon is a double-edged sword. The grease is definitely a pain to deal with, but saving it in a mason jar and using it for eggs makes for an egg-cellent breakfast!!! I really like the Kirkland broccoli cheddar soup that they have pre-packaged. Admittedly, my mother would buy pretty much anything I wanted from Costco when I was growing up, including large boxes of Fruit by the Foot. That, plus my love for hot dogs :smirk: has definitely led to my affinity for Costco.

Oh, and I solely wear the K.Bell socks.

For Korean food - my mom makes fantastic bulgogi, but one of my favorites is her tofu kimchi pancakes. The tofu adds a soft texture that I have never seen replicated anywhere else! She also make an oxtail bone soup that takes about 3 days, and it’s probably one of my favorite meals. She also makes a rice cake soup for New Years (Korean tradition) that is pretty simple from my understanding. Sadly, her recipes are all stored in the rolodex of her mind, but I’d be happy to ask and share! I LOVE radish kimchi to eat with meals, and then I use cabbage kimchi for making friend rice and soup!

In terms of negotiating conflict, there’s a lot to unpack there, can you please elaborate more?

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To start, I believe conflict is healthy, and I actually seek pushback from anyone. It’s a sign they are truly listening, and thoroughly evaluating a partnership. The important part is being able to repeat what was said from my lens. Something along the lines of “So what I’m hearing is, you feel XYZ… do you mind shedding some more light on why?”

That way, they feel heard, and know I was listening!

In a specific example, a lot of our agency partners have multiple partnerships (like with some of our competitors). My response? “It’s healthy to engage in multiple partners, because we all have different offerings. I’m here to make sure you know how to reap the benefits of Pantheon, so you know when it’s a good fit for your client. You should have several partners, because when a client comes to you asking for an opinion, you can present them with a wealth of knowledge and you will sound like a credible, trusted advisor.”

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So I really do have to ask a serious question here: which boy band do you root for?


Does Frank Sinatra count? Or The Black Keys?

I also loved Envy on the Coast in high school, though they are less known.

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Yes, Sinatra does count.


My favorite aspect of building relationships is constant curiosity.

YES! I love this! :clap: It’s so true too! I feel like in order to forge strong relationships & continue to build on those, you must remain curious. Lean into those “whys.” You would be great at building community :slight_smile: I mean you are already doing it in your everyday role.

Also I am bias but I LOVED my time in NYC! :city_sunset:


I love SF… biased as i live there!

Please tell the story of the bald man… please.

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In terms of negotiating conflict, there’s a lot to unpack there, can you please elaborate more?

I didn’t have a specific example in mind but your follow up is very illuminating. I appreciate how even your response has curiosity at the heart of it.

“So what I’m hearing is, you feel XYZ… do you mind shedding some more light on why?”

Thanks for the reminder on how important listening is to resolving challenges. Something I can always improve on.

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So… admittedly, I have had a long time obsession with Larry David (before it was “cool”)

I knew a person who met him in LAX, and it made me realize that Larry David is just another human who does quasi-ordinary things. And while his head is distinguishable in some ways (and in other ways, not at all), I feel we are destined to meet.

While my optimism has faded since I was a teenager, it has been engrained in my mind to involuntarily confirm if any taller bald man is, indeed, LD. :grimacing: