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WebOps Wednesday AMA: Edward Angert - Roller Skates, Recipes, and Everyday Documentation

Hello this is Edward. I’m a Technical Writer here at Pantheon.

Among other things and sometimes concurrently, I’ve been a library page (I put books away), an usher at a concert venue (please, right this way), a roller skating instructor, a library tech person, a Starbucks barista, and a non-profit office admin+ (because you’re never just one thing at a small non-profit). Now I’m a dog-dad, a human-dad, and a full-time Edward, oh and a Technical Writer at a WebOps platform.

In my free time, I like practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu (hopefully again soon), cycling, bouldering, trying to put the things I disassemble back together (an espresso machine, furniture, roller skates…), trying to bring people together, and writing detailed instructions about mundane activities.


  • Want to know how to do a triple Axel?
  • Wish that recipe was both shorter and worked better, but can’t put your finger on how?
  • Want to engage in a debate about whether or not it’s technically correct to use apostrophes where’d usually be a coupl’a words? Think I shouldn’t’ve put so many apostrophes in a single combination?

We’re both in for a treat if your answer is yes.


Is Brazilian jiu-jitsu different from other kinds of jiu-jitsu? What do you like about it?


Hi Carolyn! That’s a good history question that I don’t know enough to answer super well, but from what I remember, where Japanese jiujitsu (in all its spellings) was formed to help defend against unarmed attackers in battle, BJJ is a relatively new fork of that repo with many branches that still focus on self-defense, and others more geared to sport (scoring points, winning competitions).

There’s a lot that I like about it. Especially and including the frustration and how not-good at it I feel like I am most of the time. It’s constantly new and there’s always something to learn. For my style of learning especially, I need to understand every bit of a thing and be able to teach it to feel that I have an effective understanding (see also: technical writing).

Even if I’m practicing the same move repeatedly, and even if I’m rolling (grappling with a partner who is also trying to “submit” me) with someone I roll with every day, it’s entirely different every time. I love the body movement and that every person’s body and experience brings their own set of ability scores (I guess), and my long limbs might be great for some things, and an added vulnerability for others.

It’s exhausting in a way that I haven’t experienced with anything else, and there’s a constant assessment of danger and action mixed with a ton of trust for your partner. Really just so much. I can’t wait to feel safe enough to get back to a gym again.


Wow, Edward! Sounds like you have got your hands full these days. Have you gotten your human child on roller skates yet? How about your dog?


Hey, it’s Edward.

What was your favorite Starbucks drink to make when it wasn’t crazy busy?


little one has a few more months of getting used to this walking stuff before I get some wheels under those shoes (and a helmet and wristguards)


ooohhh it’s been a long time
for me, it was probably a raspberry soy green tea latte, dirty vanilla chai, or, if it was pre-close and regulars were hanging out, sampling out raspberry whip atop anything white mocha

were you there in the melon syrup days?


:sad_trombone: I was not. I started shortly after it was discontinued. 147xxxx represent!


158*! solidly cemented amongst the other 7-digit numbers I no longer have any use for


I very much want to know how to do a triple Axel. And I don’t really want to debate the apostrophes, I just want to hear your opinions about all those apostrophes!


Hiii @edwardangert :wave:

Thanks for jumping in to share more about yourself! For starters, I feel like the world must see photos of Frankly! :dog: Because let’s face it, he is the cutest little pupper ever!! Right @hallienew?

Also, you had me at Starbucks Barista! I chatted with @jose.castaneda about all things coffee a while back. Probably my favorite subject outside of building community :slight_smile: You said one of your favorite go-to’s was the raspberry soy green tea latte. What might you suggest for someone who likes hazelnut or more earthy flavors? I don’t frequent Starbucks often, but on long road trips its always a good place to stop. And I could surely use a new drink to mix it up!

Last but surely not least, being a concert usher in a previous life—what was the best concert you got to attend/work? Please tell me it was the Spice Girls [sorry guys, Millennial girl inside me was screaming]. :musical_note:


Me too… I’m singing Wannabe as I type


I mean should we host a Spice Girls karaoke sesh…


I, too, was a non-profit office admin and I sure did learn how to do a TON of random stuff in those days, many of which are still helpful now! I’d love to hear some of the life lessons you learned in previous jobs that help you out as a documentarian at Pantheon

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ah, apostrophes - it seems like it should be so wrong, but you read those bullets and understand what I wrote. In which case, is it wrong?
so, triple Axels are my favorite trick that I can’t do yet.
I especially love teaching them to new skaters (on one foot)
because while the move itself is super hard, it’s such a great combination of fundamentals:

  1. one foot glide on an outside edge
  2. waltz jump (1/2 rotation) - for the Axel it’s 3 (triple) + 1/2 rotations
  3. land on a backwards one foot glide outside edge

that’s it. the rest is just practice* and details - where are your arms? where are you looking? how high are you jumping and how fast are you spinning?

And having something so complex-seeming and difficult broken down into such manageable and attainable steps is one of my favorite things in the world.

*this is obvs a very simplified description.


You mean this Frankly?

It really has been a long time, but if you like hazelnut, French vanilla is right there (vanilla+hazelnut), and toffee nut doesn’t seem to get the attention I think it deserves. I’m also mostly a dirty chai person, if you want to count that as earthy - definitely spicy.

sooo many concerts and also soo long ago - mostly acts that I wouldn’t’ve bought tickets to, but was so glad to have seen
BB King, Earth Wind & Fire, The (Grateful) Dead, Brand New, Chicago, John Mayer, Backstreet Boys, probably so many more that I’m not thinking of now
sadly, never got a chance to see Spice Girls though


I’m feeling like I could go attempt one of these tomorrow. Thankfully for the health and safety of my limbs, there is no place for me to go to try it. :rofl:


Yay, Edward! My build tools docs sherpa :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: always a pleasure working with you!

I’m curious about:

what was the day-to-day like for a library tech person?

it was a great place to have worked!
arranged desks and closets, wrote policies, benefits admin, bought snacks, did dishes, packed and drove trucks, and got a real start to creating documentation systems and delivering trainings
was yours similar? are you doing anything related to things you learned there?

I think all my roles have been customer-facing in some way, and to paraphrase a friend who was paraphrasing, “everyone is a customer who has a need, and they can’t always explain what it is”
with docs, there’s a slight spin on it that really came through for me when teaching rollerskating and when I try to write down my mom’s recipes: it’s really hard for someone who knows what they’re doing to step back and reapproach something as a beginner. For me, teaching helps me learn, learning helps me teach, and everything we document or teach empowers someone or lots of someones to do something themselves.
I think that’s pretty cool.

if you’re able, all you have to do is practice standing on that one foot and keep your head high

that brings you a good most of the way there

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