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WebOps Wednesday AMA: Chris Martindale - Ask me about Shipping Container Bars, Hydrodynamics, Lifecycle Marketing or Anything Else!

Hi I’m Chris Martindale, Customer Lifecycle Marketing Manager here at Pantheon. I’ve been in this role for all of 3 weeks. Before Pantheon, I spent the last 4+ years in a variety of Digital Marketing roles at both Intuit and Surfline/ Wavetrak.

In my new role I’ll be focusing on how to serve the right message, to the right person, at the right time in order to drive conversions. I plan to draw from my previous experiences within Email Marketing, Paid Social Media and Conversion Rate Optimization to support these efforts.

In my spare time, I enjoy river surfing, mountain biking and skiing. I am also currently in the process of planning a wedding for the summer of 2022.

Feel free to ask me anything!


Welcome Chris! So glad to have you at Pantheon.

As a developer who keeps being in situations where I am working with Marketers I’m always learning new things. What’s the one thing you wish more tech people understood about the marketing process?


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Hey @chris.martindale :wave:

Thanks so much for sharing a little bit about yourself! I am super intrigued to hear more about this “river surfing” you speak of! Is this like wakeboarding or is it different? I am also now dying to know more about these shipping container bars you speak of. I was previously renovating an old camper with the intent of turning it into a Tiny Home. But I must admit, these shipping containers are pretty rad!

Oh, also welcome to the team! I am sure I will be picking your brain on messaging best practices & tactics very soon!

hi @chris.martindale What is currently on your music playlist??

Currently - Nathaniel Rateliff, Benjamin Booker & The Black Keys.

Hey John, thanks for the question. I wish others knew how collaborative and abstract the process can be. Sometimes the answers can be very straight forward and other times it can change so much.

Feel free to reach out if you’d like to dive deeper on this. :grin:

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Hey McKenna,

River surfing most closely resembles being behind a boat. Throughout different times of the year, the river level will fluctuate and produce different sizes of waves dependent upon snowmelt. It’s really accessible and fun to pick up for new users.

During my time in college, I was fortunate enough to be working for a small retail shop in Boise, ID where we renovated a shipping container into a season bar. We created the “deck” portion of the bar as a draw-bridge so it could be closed at night. It’s been a big hit so far.

Thanks for the Q.