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WebOps Wednesday AMA: Ask Me About My Geocities Websites From the ‘90s, Voice Acting at Pixar, My Cats, IT, or Anything!

Hello, I’m Daryn Cash. I’m the Senior IT Support Specialist at Pantheon. I’ve never used WordPress or Drupal. My web development background is limited to the large collection of Geocities websites I made for fun as a teen in the late ‘90s. Internet innovation left my basic HTML skills in the dust long ago.

After a childhood filled with computers (my mom is a diehard Apple fan), I accidentally got placed in a computer programming class in high school which led to more computer classes and two support jobs that saw me through college while I studied film and theater. I spent six years as a Genius in an Apple Store and another six years doing tech support at Pixar where I got to do voice acting for movies & shorts in development (you can hear me in a deleted scene from Toy Story 4). I spent significantly less years at an ad agency and I came to Pantheon from Intercom. I also worked at a Blockbuster Video for three months and ran the tiltawhirl at a small amusement park for a summer. I was an extra in two live action feature films.

I have three cats - Toby, Diggsby & Hamm. I like watching all kinds of movies but my favorite movie is the 1984 theatrical release of David Lynch’s Dune (I taught a class on it in college). I like playing very specific kinds of video games and have played through my favorite, Earthbound, about 8 times. I listen to a lot of audio books, my favorites are biographies & memoirs read by the author. I like making explosion & action figure videos with my niece & nephew.

The answer to your IT question is probably ‘try turning it off an on again’ :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Book recommendations please? I also love to read biographies and memoirs!

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Hi Kristi! :wave: I just started listening to Penny Marshall’s ‘My Mother Was Nuts’ which I’m loving and most recently finished Cheech Marin’s ‘Cheech is Not My Real Name But Don’t Call Me Chong’ which I also loved! Other recent favorites include Anna Kendrick’s ‘Scrappy Little Nobody’, Bryan Cranston’s ‘A Life in Parts’ and Retta’s ‘So Close to Being The Sh*t, Y’all Don’t Even Know’. Julie Andrews has two - ‘Home’ and ‘Homework’ and anything John Waters writes is solid gold :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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How does one “accidentally” get places in a computer programming class in HS?? That’s so cool that that accident ultimately shaped your career, Daryn!

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:laughing: I remember it as: I had chosen some other elective when I signed up for classes, I didn’t think there was anything interesting being offered and I had already taken the one Art class on offer. I don’t know how they ended up placing me in the programming class but when I got my schedule and my mom offered to have us go in and ‘fix’ my elective choice I said no. I didn’t know what computer programming was but I wanted to check it out - it turned out to be learning Basic and Visual Basic and it also turned out my high school had a bunch of other computer classes (Cisco sponsored a Networking Class, Computer Repair, AP Computer Science learning C++) so I took them all. I really wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t decided to check out Computer Programming back then :tada:


Love it! That’s such a fun story.

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Okay for starters, thanks for hosting this week’s AMA! :clap: I am clearly still stuck on how you used to work for Pixar. Uhm, how COOL! You have got to share that deleted scene from Toy Story 4 with us all, if you have it!! Speaking of movies, you also said that you were an extra in 2 movies. What movies?! And how does someone even get the opportunity to be an extra?

The answer to your IT question is probably ‘try turning it off an on again’ :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

ALSO yes! Can’t tell you how many times that fixed my issues. :laughing: :arrow_up:

Yes! Movie buff as well.

What are some of your go-tos when you want people to understand your taste in movies?

:sunglasses: If you have Disney+ you can see the TS4 deleted scene on there - it’s called ‘Scamming Playtime’ about toys being played with at a park. At one point a dad calls out ‘Michael!’ and I have my… either one line with two words or two lines with one word each, but that’s me!

When I was 18 I was an extra in the movie Slackers and when I was 19 I was an extra in The Rules of Attraction - both were shot at colleges in Southern California near where I lived at the time and in both cases there had been ads in the local newspaper asking for people 18-24 to submit a photo to be added to the payroll. For Slackers I mailed in a photo and for RoA I went somewhere and handed over a photo - this was back in 2000-01 though so I have no idea how it’s done now. RoA was a better movie but I had a better time on the set of Slackers because on RoA I was recovering from food poisoning. I did get my own shot in the opening credits of RoA - they run backwards then forwards and I can be seen going by in a green plaid shirt when the ‘Music by’ credit shows :innocent:

Movies! Cats! Movies AND Cats?!
Here’s the tough questions:

  1. What human actors would play Toby, Diggsby & Hamm in your biopic?
  2. What movie lead character roles would each of your cats be perfect for?
    inquiring minds want to know!
    ps : Did all Blockbusters smell the same or is that just my imagination?
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Yessss movies :hearts:

After Dune, my top favorite movies are: Point Break, Jurassic Park, Cannibal! The Musical, Highlander, The Goonies, The Shining, The Breakfast Club, Stand By Me, JAWS, Tombstone, Pacific Rim, Ferris Bueller, Bill & Ted, Silence of the Lambs, Phantom of the Paradise, Blood Diner, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, and The Exorcist. I love 80s and 90s movies, horror films, and big dumb action movies as well as super weird cult classics. John Waters is my favorite director and Desperate Living is my favorite film of his.

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Can totally relate to this. The other day I introduced my kiddo to Hot Rod and it was as glorious as the first time I saw it in theaters

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  1. I think you’re in very dangerous territory here - did you see the CATS movie??? :laughing: But in thinking of their personalities… I think Ryan Reynolds would be well cast as Toby since neither of them ever shut up. Diggsby is a bit of a cypher so I’m going to go with Scott Bakula since he is super versatile. And Hamm could be played by Aubrey Plaza because she’s strange and goofy yet can be sweet just like him.

  2. Toby would be very good at playing Donkey from Shrek because he can’t stop talking and I guess Donkey is a co-lead so that counts. Diggs would be good at playing Yoda who, though not a lead, is wise and thoughtful but can also throw down when he needs to, just like Diggs. Hamm could play Goofy. He basically is Goofy.

I don’t remember what the Blockbuster smelled like! But I feel like you’re right, they probably all smelled the same.

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AH I loved these answers !
RE Blockbuster smell: put skittles and a car floor mat in your gym bag, seal, put it in the sun for a day, reopen, huff daintily.