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WebOps in 2020 and Beyond: Opinions Wanted!

We think “WebOps” is a term that can help us all drive a more focused, productive conversation about producing better results with the Open Web. In 2019, Pantheon really started to focus on why WebOps matters and how this focus can help us all find a better path forward (e.g. by embracing Robots and Automagical updates).

In 2020 and beyond, Pantheon will double-down on WebOps thinking and product features.

Now is an excellent time to hear from all of you. We would love to hear your opinions on ways we could help you and your teams be more effective, agile and drive better results with the Open Web.


Please solve for WooCommerce sites that need to be considerate of new product, order, user, coupon data that must be retained when promoting from Test to Live environments. The current “workarounds” are just that. Workarounds.

Really love what you’re doing so thank you for all the Dev effort! And for asking your community what’s important to us!


And thank you for taking the time to share ideas! Which of those workarounds are the most frustrating / annoying for you?

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For me, it’s hard to just get my head around it all. Perhaps the thing to do is provide really small wins to build upon. And now that GitHub Actions are available, perhaps provide ways to use that instead of CircleCI.


I might get flamed for saying this, but don’t forget those of us who have to suffer with Windows machines for various reasons (not the least of which is hardware price between Apple and MS). MS increasingly seems to be playing a passive-aggressive game of making it as hard as possible to install *nix-type coding environments on Windows. The usual *AMPP tools increasingly don’t work at all as one expects. I’m looking forward to a stable Windows LocalDev analog to what we enjoy on the Mac.

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Oh! One other that @purdy reminded me of: Make the Test and Live WordPress environments able to clean up the database when deactivating and uninstalling a plugin. This has long been a pet peeve for me. When I deactivate/delete a plugin in Dev in SFTP mode, the plugins that have such code implemented clean up after themselves. But, because there’s no “Delete” link under a plugin on Test/Live (because it’s read-only), the cleanups that happen when Delete is clicked on Dev obviously can’t happen on Live. So, to truly clean up, I have to freeze the read-only environments in maintenance mode (to keep the DB from being written with new UGC), clone DB to Dev to get the latest UGC and settings, delete the plugins on Dev, clone back up to the read-only environments, then turn off maintenance mode.

Read-only is great for security and stability, but it wrecks housekeeping.

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