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Web raw materials vs tooling that creates them

I came across this article today ( which really hit home for me. I’ve been thinking a lot about this kind of topic recently but this article really puts it into perspective nicely. The gist is the division between the web raw materials (HTML, CSS, JS) and the tools that create them.

It seems that more and more the tooling is taking over and it requires more and more knowledge of high-level CS training to understand and use them. I’m not against using tools like SASS, Gulp, React, etc. But, I’ve been reluctant to move to them because I’ve always felt more comfortable (personally) closer to the raw materials than spending hours spinning up dev tools.

What’s funny is my passion is developing sites with Drupal … a tool to generate the raw materials! So, I can’t be completely hypocritical! But, I also notice that when I start new Drupal project I always ask myself which local tools I need to install… and (for me, different than other developers) I want to get into the build itself - I don’t typically want to mess with the local build tools. But that’s just me. Every developer is going to have their own opinion on how to do these things.