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We’re Officially a Unicorn 🦄- What a $100M Investment Means for Pantheon and Our Customers!

It’s an exciting day at Pantheon as we announce $100M in Series E funding to extend the capabilities of our platform. We have you to thank, our vibrant, loyal, ever-inspiring community of Heroes and Pantheon advocates. When we founded Pantheon 10 years ago, we envisioned a world in which websites were true growth drivers, developers weren’t drowning in backlogs, and web teams worked collaboratively to create impact with their websites. You are at the heart of bringing this vision to life, and we’re so excited for what this news means for all of us.

To those who have been our champions from the start, thank you. Thank you for your creativity and ideas, for your feedback and honesty, and for your openness to discovering new ways to run websites and build the internet. Your passion for collaboration and the open source potential remain the Pantheon heartbeat.

To those who are new to the community, welcome. We are dedicated to finding a better way for web teams to design, innovate, and deploy websites. By joining this community, you will be a part of an incredible group of individuals who are shaping the future of the Open Web.

With the money, we are investing heavily in hiring across the company. Our success hinges on our execution, so refer to your colleagues and apply yourself! Help us hire the team we need for where we are going.

Our CEO, Zack Rosen, has written a letter that talks more about this exciting announcement and what it means for Pantheon and this community. Please share it with your networks, customers and colleagues!


Such an exciting day here at Pantheon! I have to echo what @JohnRichardsII so elegantly said! THANK YOU to each & everyone one of you. “Your passion for collaboration and the open source potential remain the Pantheon heartbeat.” :black_heart: :yellow_heart:

This community of vibrant, diverse talent, is one of the reasons I get up each & everyday! I love getting to know all of you–what makes you tick, what CMS you dabble in, how you got started in open-source, what you want to learn & of course getting to learn a lot from you all :slight_smile: I am incredibly thankful to be part of this community and I am super excited to see this community grow over the next couple of years!

If you have any questions for our team let us know! We are always here :pantheon: