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Visual Regression testing

Wraith was once the recommended tool for visual regression tests on Pantheon:

But it’s a dead project (hasn’t seen a commit in almost a year, and there’s unsolved critical bugs in the queue (full-page screenshots!):

Are there any other tools that people are happy with?

Backstop is what our team at Pantheon has been using for Visual Regression workshops and presentations.

BackstopJS was also suggested in Slack. Other suggestions included

I went with BackstopJS, mostly because we need to do more complex comparisons than any of the hosted solutions can (chances are that they are just using BackstopJS under the hood).

Thus far it’s been great. The only drawback is that there’s no way to set a base-domain, so you need a script to run before each test to set the domain for all the testing scenarios (which in our workflow is usually a multi-dev).

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I’m also super excited about the StagingPilot announcement. An automated system plus custom configurability will be the holy grail.

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@dalin, for base-domains with Backstop I use a global variable inside of a .js file that returns the json config object

hey @dalin, thank you a lot for mentioning Diffy. I am a founder of the project.

We are not using BackstopJS under the hood but have a lot of similar features. I believe biggest difference right now is our image comparison algorithm – it detects vertical shifts so is much less noisy comparing to pixel perfect one (imagemagick under the hood).

It is possible to have custom environments so to test your sandboxes (multidev branch environments).

We already have quicksilver integration. If you are interested I can give you a tour about it.