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Using the Pantheon CircleCI Orb

Hey folks,
I’m starting to get into CircleCI. Very, very noobie for anything CI related. Anyway, I followed the Pantheon Guide to setting up the CircleCI orb and after some fiddling around and trying to deploy to a repo set to ‘SFTP’ I finally got a working deployment going. Yay!

But I’d also like to deploy to other multidev instances and I’m not clear on how to do that with this orb. I have a multidev instance created. I checked out the branch into my local and pushed and in CircleCI that job completed successfully but my changes were not in the multidev nor on the dev instance.

Upon checking the job logs in Circle CI I noted this message:

[notice] Creating multidev ci-11 for site ****
[notice] Created Multidev environment “ci-11”
[notice] Enabled on-server development via SFTP for “ci-11”
[error] Could not figure out which git repository service to use with .

I’m not sure how to configure for use with multidevs, which would be necessary for our workflow.

Tips appreciated. Thanks.


Yay, welcome to the wild & wonderful world of CI. :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if there’s an outstanding issue re: multidev work based on one sentence of this issue:

The readme should also explain the implications of multidev availability.

But that’s pure speculation on my part. @steve.persch, do you have any suggestions here?

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Hi @evilalex and @sparklingrobots, the Orb is meant to accommodate a workflow where code goes from GitHub to Pantheon. One tough detail is that Pantheon caps branch names for multidev at 11 character in length. To make sure branches pushed to Pantheon stay below eleven characters, the branches are named with that pattern you saw of ci-11. That’s the eleventh CI job to run on your GitHub repo. All the builds get pushed to environments named by CI job number of pull request number.

So, if you have pre-existing multidev instances that you want to deploy to, this Orb isn’t really built for that. But would each pull request getting it’s own multidev work for you?


Sorry for the laggy reply. I suppose this could work for the time being. Definitely reasonable limits on branch names. Ideally, I want to use our own naming nomenclatures. Any way to get around that? For now, we can use the default naming scheme.

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@evilalex, can you share more about your preferred branch naming scheme?

I do have another project that needs to override TERMINUS_ENV with the orb to create multidevs of a different name.

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