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Using SimpleSAMLphp with Shibboleth SSO & Composer

I had a quick question regarding Drupal 8 config. for SimpleSAML. I was following along the docs ( and we are using composer to manage our simpleSAMLphp files, do we still need to add to our settings.php:

# Provide universal absolute path to the installation.
$settings['simplesamlphp_dir'] = $_ENV['HOME'] .'/code/private/simplesamlphp-1.17.x';

I only ask because we didn’t create a folder for simplesamlphp, and our configs are stored in /private/simpleSAMLconfigs

Yes, that is what you should do so that Drupal knows where it is, otherwise it likely will not work as expected.

Alternatively, I know people who have had really positive experiences with the SAML SP Single Sign On – SSO login by miniOrange listed at the bottom of the Pantheon documentation. They say the Plugin makes implementing SimpleSAML super easy, so that is another option, if you run into any issues with manual installation and configuration.


As a follow-up to my previous message, the link above is mistakenly for the WordPress Plugin, but all those same statements still apply.

The correct link for the Drupal 8 Module, which has been tested by the Pantheon Support Team, is