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Updates done but WP dashboard still says "A new WordPress version is available."

Hey, we’ve got 22 WP blogs that we manage for a client, and I’m working my way through monthly updates for them. Even after updating by applying the upstream updates from the Pantheon dashboard, the WP dashboard still says:

A new WordPress version is available! Please update from your Pantheon dashboard.

For details on applying updates, see the Applying Upstream Updates documentation.
If you need help, open a support chat on Pantheon.

The sites also say they are running 5.2.4, so seems current. Any ideas on why that message is showing up? Should I open a support chat? Or am I missing a step somewhere?

And apologies for a simple question… it’s Monday here.

Hi @anne! Yes, this is a known bug. There’s more detail here:

And we have an internal bug ticket as well with engineering working on the problem.