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Hi. Newbie question…
I have a ton of updates to push, but I also have a wordpress plug-in I am testing on Test, that I do not want to lose any information. How do I ensure I do not lose the database and settings already set on Test environment?

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Hi, Darcie!

Welcome to the Pantheon community!

Couple ideas for you:

  1. You can take a backup of Test, deploy the changes up to Live, then restore the backup of your current work.
  2. You can clone the Test environment to a Multidev or to your local environment and then push it up to Dev again when you are done.

In general, we don’t recommend doing any development or configuration on Test, specifically because of the issue you’re running into here. Test should really only be for integrating code from Dev with content/configuration from Live.

We have a diagram in our docs that explains the way code/content should move through the environments:

Our platform demo also covers this concept in more depth, so you might find that helpful.

Let me know if you need anything else…hope this helps!