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Unable to login to BitBucket

I’m new to Pantheon Build Tools. I am attempting to run the terminus build:project:create command with the --git=bitbucket argument. I am then prompted, “Enter your Bitbucket account password or an app password.” I enter my BitBucket account password (and have trie two different App Passwords) but am always met with the response, “Your provided username and password or app password could not be used to authenticate with the BitBucket service. Please re-enter your credentials.” I am then asked to enter my BitBucket username and password or app password. I am unable to authenticate.

I am not given any feedback from Terminus whenever I type or paste in my username and password at the prompts, so I’m not sure if the issue is with my entry or with Terminus or beyond.

Apparently people are using the BitBucket integration, I’m hoping someone can point out the mistake I’m making.

Just attended the Open Office Hours and stumped Tara and Thomas. :slight_smile:

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Hey, Stephen–Tara here.

I tried this out today and was able to get authenticated.

For username, I used the value found under Settings > Account Settings > Username.

For password, I used the app password and I gave it all the permissions. I’m guessing they aren’t all necessary, but when I only gave it a few permissions (repo read/write/admin/delete & webhooks), I got the same result you did.

I don’t remember now which username you were using, so that might be fine–but perhaps extending the permissions on the app user would help. I also left off the --team flag, but I doubt that’s the issue here.

Hope that helps!