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Trust Levels Unlocked! πŸ”“


We have unlocked two new trust levels! Trust levels are based on your activity in the forum, and they give you new powers to interact with the Pantheon Community.

Power meter increasing

If you’re into the numbers behind it all, find the details here.

Within a couple of days of opening these trust levels up, we already have 18 people at Trust Level 2 – thanks so much for sticking around and participating in our community @katy.gray, @JohnRichardsII, @amyjune, @jose.castaneda, @doug_pantheon, @dinarcon, @dandaman, @McKennaR, @julienmelissas, @CodeChefMarc, @purdy, @jfoust, @sarahg, @ataylorme, @evilalex, @royboy789, @dgorton & @steve.persch!

Phew, that was a lot of tagging. Thank you all for being here. :heart:


Woooohoo! Congrats everyone! I am equally excited to earn these Trust levels :trophy: :clap:

Especially because there are tons of awesome things you can do as you build credibility & work your way up!

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Love it, I’m such a sucker for gamification :star_struck: