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Transitioning CircleCI Github PR notifications to a Robot Account

I’m trying to transition a Pantheon Drupal 8 project that was setup by a former developer to a Github robot user so that the Multi-dev environment build messages that appear in PRs come from the robot user, instead of a personal account.

  • I created a Robot user account on both Pantheon and Github.
  • Following instructions here, I generated an SSH keypair on my local machine, and uploaded the public keys to the Pantheon and Github user account, then added the SSH Private key to the “SSH Permissions” section in CircleCI.
  • I then manually created a new Personal access token in Github for the robot user account with repo:* permissions, and pasted the generated token into CircleCI’s Environment Variables for the token called GITHUB_TOKEN.
  • I then manually updated the GIT_EMAIL in CircleCI Environment Variables config to match the Email address of the new robot user.
  • Finally, I logged into Pantheon Dashboard and created a new Machine Token for the robot user, and updated the TERMINUS_TOKEN value in CircleCI Environment Variables config.

Fortunately, the Pantheon/Circleci integration still works, however after the automated build steps in my repository’s .circleci/config.yml finish the Multi-dev comment is no longer being posted to the issue queue.

Can anyone help me identify what I’ve done wrong, or failed to do?

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It turns out that this was the correct process, but that the robot account got flagged by Github’s aggressive spam account filters. Once the account was reviewed by a human GitHub staff, the PR build comments started working. All good here.

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