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Tip Tuesdays: Using the amazing (Free!) Pantheon Resources (Such as Docs and Workshops)


Did you know Pantheon has an amazing Documentation and Developer Relations team?
They both do an exceptional job of keeping us up to date and informed and Pantheon offers a lot of those amazing resources they create to you for free!
I really wanted to highlight some of these resources within Pantheon because they bring so much value to the community and are resources I try to take advantage of as much as I can.

Some Documentation pages I tend to use and share often:

There are the webinars, that cover great topics such as Accessibility as well as Getting started with Drupal 8. Sign up to join live or check out the recordings - (just filter by type:webinars)

Recently Pantheon has kicked off Live Workshops every Week offering free 45-min workshops on some super helpful topics. Take a look at
I will definitely be attending a few of these :smile:

Other helpful resource are the Pantheon office hours - and of course the Pantheon community slack and forums -

I am sure there are plenty of other resources I didn’t describe here, but am very happy to add to my growing list of bookmarks. Any great links you use frequently that you’d like to share?

For a little fun, here is a quote by one of my favorite authors on learning:

“Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.” - Douglas Adams


Thanks for sharing this with all of us! I think we all need a friendly reminder sometimes that there are so many awesome resources available to us.

I was fortunate enough to attend some of the Live Workshops @david.needham worked so hard to put together! There we super informative & he did a great job breaking down all the topics to relate to the everyday attendee. I would definitely suggest joining some this Thursday & sharing with your network too :slight_smile:

@fatima.khalid is also working on some BIG things! But I will let her share those with you all in due time!

Last but not least I really loved your quote :point_down: I literally just got done talking to a co-worker about be willing to try new things & reiterate as you go. We are all human–failure is inevitable. But it’s all about what we learned along the way & how we bounce back!

Also as someone on our Professional Services team, can you share with everyone what your everyday looks like @jordana ? I am interested!


This is super useful! I’m adding a link to this post to our new hire onboarding process.


Ohh, great idea John!

That’s awesome John :slight_smile:
Also there are some super helpful internal docs available that we can discuss more internally and I am super the awesome Docs guru @carolyn can help us with

I am so glad this can be of use and hope that the respective teams get some more love. They definitely deserve it!

@david.needham is awesome! He also has a ton of resources and is so eager to share in his resources and knowledge.
I agree that he is a great teacher and have learned a lot from him over the years through his workshops and sessions he’s given at camps and cons.

Oooh! So exciting and mysterious! She does cool stuff, so I can’t wait to see what @fatima.khalid is up to.

I love your take on that quote! I totally agree about being able to fail - it’s what makes us grow. And although it can be hard to process mistakes and failures, I try to remind myself that:
“Success is a process, not a static state and Failure is a teaching tool, not an end result”

D’oh! Forgot to answer.

So - the Professional Services team is split up into a few “sub-teams” such as Migrations and Technical Services. I am on the Managed Updates team which works on keeping client’s WordPress and Drupal sites up to date on Pantheon a little bit “automagically”.
So my day to day consists mostly of “engaging” with clients and the dev teams that work on the tools and the magic - hence my role of “Engagement Manager” I guess? :woman_shrugging:t2: :smile:

Every PS team’s day to day will look a bit different as we generally handle different things in our projects, migrations vs CDN stuff vs building (awesome) stuff. I might be biased of course, but I think they are a great bunch who are very smart, patient and dedicated and generally awesome :star_struck: :sunglasses:

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