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Tip Tuesdays: Turn any YouTube video into a GIF using the URL!

Hey community friends! :wave:

For those of you who do not know me, I am part of the awesome community team here at Pantheon. When I am not building community & helping plan events I am likely spending my time on social. Yea, I guess you can label me as “That millennial.:laughing:

Spending lots of time on social, sure does have its perks. In fact, I have been known to have quite a few tips & tricks up my sleeve! And today I am going to share one of them with you! :point_down:

Did you know you can turn any YouTube video into a GIF using the URL? :partying_face:

Yes, this is real life guys. And I am about to show you how to do this!

  1. Select a video to watch on YouTube and find the URL at the top of your browser. Add the word “gif” right before the domain name so it reads, "[your-video-tag]."

  2. This will bring you to, where all the editing magic happens! :crystal_ball: Here, you’ll find a menu of options. You can set the GIF duration, crop its frame, add captions—and more!

  3. When you’re ready click “Create GIF” on the top-right and it’ll prompt you for a GIF title and set of tags. Then click “Next,” and you have a handy landing page from which to share your newly minted GIF. Keep in mind you can only download this GIF to an offline file by signing up with

My work of art you ask? Check it out for yourself! :raised_hands:

Give it a try & share your GIF below!


My sister assigned me the task of making a gif just this morning! My mind is blown. Either you have her cell number or you are psychically connected to her.

This one is from one of my fav documentaries, King of Kong:


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Oh, I didn’t mention that I have telepathic skills? WEIRD. :laughing:

Love that GIF! I am seriously obsessed with this feature. Glad I could help someone else uncover this magic!

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