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Tip Tuesdays: Easy Symlinks in WordPress

Hi folks!

Carl here from CSE.

One of the common challenges that we usually encounter with WP users in the platform is setting up symlinks especially if a site owner is doing for the first time even though we have an excellent documentation for that

Don’t fret, there should now be a plugin for that: Now, setting up symlinks would be easy as:

  1. Making sure you are in sftp mode( This only works in Dev environment).
  2. Download, install and activate the plugin.

  3. Configure the target and the link, you can refer here to the common plugin/theme that uses symlinks
  4. Deploy to Test and Live
  5. You may need to recreate the folders in wp-content/uploads from Dev to Test and Live

Note: If you have already had a folder existing before creating symlinks, you will need to delete them first before creating the symlinks via the plugin.

This plugin is still in beta and is open for feedback via or

Thanks and I hope this will help out someone in the future.


Thanks for sharing @carlalberto this is incredibly helpful! I feel like @JohnRichardsII would appreciate this one.


So cool :sunglasses: also I’m nearly a month late. Thanks for putting this together Carl. It will make life much easier when trying walk someone through the process. I saw this plugin shouted out earlier today in a thread. Kudos!


Thanks @JohnRichardsII @McKennaR! :slight_smile: