Pantheon Community

The Countdown Begins

With only 14 days left to submit your story for consideration, it’s a race to the finish line! As a reminder, these awards are open to all Pantheon customers and partner agencies. The icing on the cake–we even have a category specifically for our beloved community members. Because let’s face it, you’re all awesome & we are dying to hear more about all of the amazing things you have been up to this past year! :black_heart: :yellow_heart:

To learn more about the 2021 Pantheon Lightning Awards and all of the amazing awards that are up for grabs, please check out our FAQs. Or drop your questions in the #2021-pantheon-lightning-awards Slack channel and we will make sure to answer those for you for right away.

Looking forward to reading through all of the wonderful submissions/success stories that have already trickled through!

Stay Magical,
@sparklingrobots, @katie.richards & @McKennaR