Thank You For Being a Valued Pantheon Customer! 🖤 💛

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What a year! Between navigating the unknown this pandemic has brought before us, to reaching :unicorn: status earlier this year – it’s safe to say we wouldn’t be here without each + everyone of you. When we founded Pantheon 10 years ago, we envisioned a world in which websites were true growth drivers, developers weren’t drowning in backlogs, and web teams worked collaboratively to create impact with their websites. Our customers have been the :heart: of bringing this vision to life!

To those who have been our champions from the start, thank you! Thank you for your creativity and ideas, for your feedback and honesty, and for your openness to discovering new ways to run websites and build the internet. Your passion for collaboration and the open source potential remain the Pantheon heartbeat.

Thank you for sticking around, it means the :earth_americas: to us!
Your Pantheon Team + Founders

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