Terminus Plugin Install Issue (Composer)

Good morning,

Terminus 3.07, Composer 2.4.1, php 7.4.26, macos 12.5.1

When I attempt to install terminus-rsync-plugin, Terminus displays an error:
[error] Please update Composer to enable plugin management. Run composer self-update.

According to all the documentation I can find, I have all the correct versions of things. Any ideas?

Thank you!

Hi, @uotonyh! Apologies you’re experiencing Terminus installation issues. I’m going to reach out to the team + see if someone can assist!

Hi @uotonyh

Any chance you have more than one composer versions installed?

Could you try running the following commands and pasting the output here? Please

whereis composer
which composer


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@kporras07 both commands report /usr/local/bin/composer

Thank you!

Okay, here is a conundrum: my system reports composer version 2.4.1, but when I try the plugin install command with the terminus verbose switch, terminus reports composer 2.0.13 ?!?

$ composer --version
Composer version 2.4.1 2022-08-20 11:44:50
$ terminus -vvv self:plugin:install terminus-rsync-plugin
 [debug] Running composer --version...
 [debug] Returned:
Composer version 2.0.13 2021-04-27 13:11:08

 [error]  Please update Composer to enable plugin management. Run composer self-update. 

Hi @uotonyh

Is /usr/local/bin/composer the only thing that those command report?

If you run /usr/local/bin/composer --version you get the same output? (2.4.1)

I’m thinking you may have an alias in your .bashrc/.zshrc that is pointing to a different place with the correct version and therefore terminus is unable to use it (terminus can only read a binary in $PATH, not using aliases)

Let me know if you find anything else.


@kporras07 You are correct, although I’m not sure where the mismatch was. I updated XCode, and suddenly composer -v started showing 2.0.13.

I ran sudo composer self-update and Terminus was able to install the rsync plugin.

Thank you for your help!



Addendum: terminus is looking for composer in /usr/local/bin, at least on macOS 13 “Ventura”.