Pantheon Community

Tara King as Outreach Manager

Hey All! I’m super excited to announce that Tara King has joined our team in the capacity of Developer Outreach Manager! Why does this qualify as an announcement, you might ask?

Because she’s great! And also - she’s going to be in charge of making this community awesome. And she’ll have lots of help from many of us, but we’ll be looking to her to lead the charge.

Tara has been very active in the Drupal Community for years and her work on the Diversity and Inclusion Team has been particularly well respected.

For those of you paying super close attention, this fills the gap left by Tessa when she graduated from Pantheon and became one of our Heroes out in the world. :slight_smile: Tessa left big shoes to fill but I’m confident that Tara is going to fill them well.

Please join me in welcoming Tara to the team!


Thanks for the warm welcome, @dgorton! Some of you might recognize me from the Customer Success Team…if so, hi!

Can’t wait to dive in!